Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Woodpecker and band

On Tuesday, before the big storm, it was beautiful out.
I had the windows open while I was working.
A warm sweet breeze was blowing in.
Birds were chirping.

And all the sudden I hear this huge BAM!
What the hell was that?!?!

I leaned over my desk to look out the window and see a red-headed Pileated woodpecker struggling to get off the ground at the base of the maple tree.

I scurried down stairs to get my camera.
By then he'd made it up and was on the tree.

Poor guy must have flown into the house and knocked himself silly as he was kind of weaving back and forth holding onto the tree. 

After a few moments he started climbing the tree so I went back to my office to watch him.

He pecked a time or two on the tree and flew off.

I'd never seen a woodpecker up close before. 
We do hear them quite frequently during the summer though.
Quite annoying when you are trying to sleep lol

The snow is melting again.
Going to be about 65* today.
It is a soupy, sloppy, muddy mess out there. 

In other news.
Baseball was cancelled for today due to the snow.
Imagine that.

Caden signed up for the band program at school for 5th grade.
The teacher has the kids write their three instrument preferences on a paper and he chooses what instruments they play.
What kind of bullshit is that?!?!

Course Caden put drums as his first choice and even told the teacher that he has the drum kit and a drum set at home since both Colton and Chyann play the drums.

Do you think he got drums? 
He got the alto saxophone.
 I called the school to ask why.
They said because everyone always wants to play the drums and they all can't.

Two kids out of the whole grade were selected to play them.
If for some reason those two kids don't work out, whoever is doing well with their current instrument will be chosen to also play the drums.
I suppose that makes sense, but still Caden is mighty disappointed. 

Course we don't have a saxophone and will have to rent one or find one to buy.

Alright I'm off to brush some shaggy ponies.

Happy Sunday :)


Nicole said...

If I remember back to when we got into band, we had to "play" all the instruments and the band teacher would make recommendations as to which we'd actually be good at/get to play. That does kind of suck though that he didn't get drums.

tainterturtles said...

Bike man also took some awesome photos of a Pileated Woodpecker last week....real close-up, so I'll be posting those soon. I love that bird and they are soooo big!

So glad the snow has melted in our yard.