Sunday, May 19, 2013


A few rumbles of thunder in the distance and a light sprinkle this morning. 
The windows are open.
The birds are singing and a frog/toad is making it's self  known.

I let the horses out to do a little mowing and noticed the plum trees are blooming.

I love this time of year. 
It's like hope renewed. 
Anything can happen.

In the span of 10 days the bleeding hearts emerged, grew huge and already have it's signature hearts set. 

Caden's beloved Shasta must have gotten stung by something.
We were outside most of the afternoon and I saw her nearby doing what dogs do, but never noticed anything wrong with her until we went in for dinner and saw that her whole face was swollen.
I gave her some antihistamine and it went down some immediately.
She is still swollen this morning so I gave her another dose of antihistamine.
 She is acting fine - eating, drinking and playing with the other dogs. 

Speaking of strange.
I had a strange dream last night that I hacked all my hair off, it was like an inch long all over.
I was standing in some bathroom wetting it down and then combing it back so I could get it to stand up on top, then slicking it back on the sides.
Looked similar to billy idol's hair back in the 80's, except for gray and brown of course lol

Not a lot going on here today, which is good. 
I'll take a slow day with few pressures to get shit done. 
I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. 
Wishing I won that big lottery jackpot.
Then I could be a lady of leisure.

Have a good day :)


~mel said...

Did you eat something funky before bedtime ~ I have weird dreams like that too sometimes and wonder WHAT???? Where did that come from?? My bleeding heart is about 10 inches high but I'm sure will take off like crazy now that it's warmer. I'm just thankful that we're finally having nice weather without the threat of snow!

tainterturtles said...

Poor Shasta. The pollen has been affecting me too.

A good doze of rain and storms later today, but now everything seems to be quiet.

Kellie said...

Hey ~Mel, no strange foods unless you count peanut butter and ritz crackers strange lol

SunnySD said...

Your bleeding hearts are so big! I have a couple that come up in pots, and the poor things kept trying and trying this spring - getting frozen off and popping back again. Finally got flowers after this last rain, but they're nothing like the size and color of yours. Maybe I need to fertilize them? (No green thumb here, that's for sure!)

Nicole said...

A lady of leisure isn't all it's cracked up to be :). Since losing my job, I think I've been very unproductive. lol. Love the Bleeding Heart! And we let the horses out in the yard sometimes too :)