Saturday, September 1, 2012

What a week, canning, heat and UWRF

Another week managed to pass me by.

Eight hours of OT.
Eight batches of salsa.
Seven quarts of tomato juice.
Four quarts of tomato sauce.
Three days of almost 100* heat.
One trip to the cities for a check up for Chyann. Which was all good!
One open house at the school to meet teachers.
One trip to the clinic for xrays for a sore foot because someone jumped from a platform six feet in the air while catching a football. Nothing broken just sore, I'd rather be proactive then not when it comes to ankle injuries now days.
Stress and very little sleep.

Moved Colton to UWRiverFalls this morning. 

Cried last night while doing some quick sewing on the quilt he wanted to take with him. 
Came down this morning, saw his bags packed and cried.
He and the kids took the car while the Hubby and I took the van.
Cried for 10 min after we left home.
Managed to hold it together while we got him moved into the dorms.

Check out this tiny room.
He got there first and had the pick of which side of the room he wanted. 
Then did some reorganizing and put his bed on stilts so he could put the dresser and other junk under the bed. The room had a brand new refrigerator and microwave too.

After we got him all set up we walked all over the campus and checked the place out. Wish I'd have taken more pictures. grrrr..

That's his dorm complex.

Very nice place.

New experience for all of us. 
Cried a bucket load when we left.

Never did get to meet the roommate. Hope he is a good kid. 

Already looking forward to Colton coming home next weekend and hearing all about this first exciting week at college.

Need more kleenex.

Also, how'd it get to be September so fast?


Lisa said...

Oh that must have been hard. I cannot even imagine dropping off Jamie at University in 7 years. But that's all a part of growing up.

Dar said...

What a week you had. Colton is going to be just fine, Mom. He knows he can always come home, and he will over and over. In the mean time, you have lots of 'wonderful' in those jars that you keep filling for those hungry tummies. You're a SuperMom and your kids know it.
Dry your eyes. He will be fine.

tainterturtles said...

Gosh, your post brings back many memories for me in regards to seeing your child off to's hard, but the best thing for you and your child. Colton will be fine!