Monday, September 10, 2012

The big RUN!

Saturday morning dawned clear and cool. 
It was a brisk 46* - burrrrrr

There were three different races being run - 
the 1 mile, which Caden signed up for, the 5K and the 10K - no walking allowed!

This is the group of 1 mile runners.

Caden as he sprints through the finnish line!
He won third place for his age group! 
YAY Caden!

Chyann didn't get a lot of "decent" pictures of me and Kris doing the 5K.
Kris says that TJ got some good ones, but I haven't seen them yet.

That is me and Kris to on the left of this picture, also note TJ standing across the road taking pictures. 

Me coming across the finish line!
Don't think I did too badly considering I'd never ran outside really.
Kris said my time was about 35 minutes.
I kept up with her for about 1.5 miles, but had to slow down and even went to a walk three times because of that damned stitch in my side. 

She did her run in a whopping 32 minutes and NEVER walked once! 

The thrill of victory!

After I caught my breath a little you wouldn't believe the feeling of exhilaration I had.
Thrilled, giddy, amazed that I had done it and more.
Felt pretty damned good I tell ya.

When our actual times get published in the paper I'll post them.

Finished the race - check
didn't fall - check
didn't shit or piss my pants - check
didn't do too badly - bonus check

Sunday didn't find me feeling too bad either. 
My calves were achy, but that didn't stop me from spending about seven hours on my feet canning.
5 freaking batches of salsa.
Unbelievable how much work goes into one delicious jar of salsa.

Even managed to squeeze a short horse ride in.

Colton came home on Friday.
We visited about 45 min before he had to take a nap in his own bed.
Still not sleeping well.
He got up and left.
We didn't see him until the parade on Saturday at noon.
(pictures of this next post cuz my rotten printer is not communicating with my computer to download them)
Spent most of the remaining time with the new girlfriend.
nice.... but not totally unexpected I suppose.
Still irritated me.

As far as doing more races with Kris, maybe.
Got to get off my buns/elliptical and do some outside running if I'm going to do that.

Here's to a fantastic week!
Later :)


tainterturtles said...

Yah for you and Krissy....good run, I'm proud of you two.

Nikker said...

Great job all of you! (0:

Ami said...


nnnn said...

Glad you posted on race as am not holding breath for Krissy to post!!
Great job on race!!