Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tomato time

I don't even know where this last week went.

It was the longest most miserable week at work. I've got to find another job. eesh.

The tomato's are coming in and I've spent four of the last five evenings canning.
From tomato juice to sauce and soup.
Today is going to be a salsa kind of day.

I've found that of the funky varieties I planted - the Granny smith green tomato really never gets red and kinda tastes like a green tomato - big surprise there eh? The rainbow heirloom (right in the middle of the pic) is absolutely fantastically delicious! It is so sweet. The white variety (to the right of the rainbow) has a light yellowish hew with light green shoulders and tastes quite similar to the rainbow - wonderful! Mr Ugly (to the left and behind the rainbow) is a pinkish red misshapen blob and is awesome too. I really like the heirloom varieties they have more depth of flavor than say the Wisconsin55, big boy, early girl, or any of the other common red (hybrid?) varieties.

The lemon boy and Carolina gold are still my favorites though for best all around tomato's.  
Picture taken off the back porch the other night while I was canning.

Chyann had marching band practice all last week too. She will be playing the symbols since she is a freshman in the high school band - low man on the totem pole thing. First parade I think is going to be the 8th of Sept.
School starts here on the 4th!
Both kids have their back backs all packed and ready!
Colton, who is supposed to be moving into the dorms on the 1st doesn't have one single thing ready.
I think he has this idea that he'll only need a backpack full of stuff and if he needs anything he'll just drive home to get it - the school is a bit less than an hour away.
Reality shocker!
It's not going to work that way!
Going to school full time, having a work study job and doing your homework is probably going to be taking up most of his time - IF he is really applying himself.
Colton is a smart kid and has never really had to apply himself in the past to achieve whatever it is that he wanted - from school to music to whatever.
He has to apply himself to make this work.
I'm nervous and worried.
Especially since he all the sudden has an interest in a gal who is 22?!, lives in this area and who is NOT going to school. Distractions, distractions.
I'm off to feed the animals and pick more tomato's so I can get this canning out of the way and hopefully have the time to ride horses later.
Hope you all have a nice weekend :)


Nikker said...

I don't have kids...but it seems to early for school! (0: Your tomatoe crop looks great...never tried the "fancy" types, but maybe next year!!

PAK ART said...

Back to school! My granddaughter Emily starts her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow. Moms never get over worrying about their kids and how they are going to do. I'm sure Colton will be fine, in his own way.

Aunt Krissy said...

Like Patty say's Colton will be fine. He lands on his feet all the time. I can't remember but I also have some tomatos that are different, but they really have a good flavor, they might be the the reason that I'm loving tomatos this year. I hope your work week goes better.

SunnySD said...

Wow, I'm envious of your garden and all the vegetables you've been putting up. YUM!! Looks you had a wonderfully busy and fun August. Still can't believe how fast the summer went! I expect reality will set in for Colton pretty quickly once classes have actually started - LOL!

tainterturtles said...

Some day you'll look back and say, "geez, what was I so worried about."!!! Boys are certainly harder to motivate than girls...that's just my opinion.

All my tomatoes are ripening fast, plus my girlfriend has tomatoes to share with me. Maybe this year I will can tomato soup, chunky style.