Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumn has arrived

The view from my office window yesterday morning.
Can you see how the trees are turning?
Think I might take a picture every few days to track the progress of Autumn.

This morning we had a light frost - burrrr.

The farmers have cut the corn across the road and spread liquid manure on it today.
MAN O MAN does it stink!
Can't believe you can't see turds floating in the air.
Every inhale is an assault to my poor sinus's.
So what did I do after work to compound the assault to my allergy and sinus irritation?

You guessed it.
Pickled these bad boys up.
The house was toxic.
Open windows and fans did little to dispel the stench of shit and pepper fumes.
The most toxic?
Green habaneros.
Literally made me cough and hack, pissed my pants a few times too. 
This getting old shit is for the birds.

Plus two batches of salsa, one of chili,

and cranberry jalapeno jam.
This is the absolute best stuff!
How do you eat it you ask?
On a club cracker with a smear of cream cheese and a dab of this jam.
Might have to eek out another batch of this it is soo good.
Course I'm out of lids so it will have to wait till I hit the store later in the week.

You wouldn't know just how cold it was outside while I was waiting for the last batch of peppers to get done by looking at this picture. 
Needed a damn hat and maybe something other than a fleece jacket that is for sure.

Sweet dreams :)

my hands are super super dry from all this canning - washing, washing, rinsing, rinsing and more rinsing, then do the dishes.
lotion city baby


tainterturtles said...

Ohhhh, that cranberry jalapeno jam sound yummy. I'm guessing you used gloves when handling the hot peppers????

Kellie said...

Gloves were a must! but am still all dry and cracky lol

PAK ART said...

that sweet/hot jam sounds wonderful - I've had something like that before - on wheat thins. It was the best! Kris has described the smell of manure on the fields - I'm laughing but feeling sorry for you at the same time! btw I'm really proud of you and Kris both for running that 5K. It's inspiring!

Aunt Krissy said...

Kellie, you are making me feel lazy! But not enough to do anything about it! You are one canning peeing son of a gun! I ha ve to say, my little bit of canning was enough for me this year. Until we have a new home, I don't think that I will be canning much anytime soon.