Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Football, nasty foods and color

Caden had his first football game on Saturday and we all froze our buns off.

We had a hard frost Friday night.
 The temp when I got up in the AM was a whopping 28*!
Game time temp was only 46* with a stiff North wind blowing.

Colton and the new girlfriend showed up for the game with a bag of donuts and coffee.
Look at that nasty ass donut Colton is eating!
It is a vanilla cream filled, maple frosting and unbelievably topped with BACON!

nasty, ish.
He said it was good though.

The girlfriend, Colton and Chyann all bundled up.

Caden had a hell of a game!
He was the quarterback for a quarter and threw for two TD's,
got an interception and
made two TD's himself!

This years team.

Sunday I didn't do much.
Laid on the couch and watched some football.
(took a nap too and man was that nice)
Four games that went to OT! 
Exciting stuff!

Course last nights Packer game was unbelievable!

This mornings color update.

It's beautiful out there and we've warmed back up to normal - mid 70's.
Good working outside weather.
We've been cleaning out the garden and tidying up around outside.

It's almost wood cutting time.
Big fun, but I love the wood heat so I'm in with helping.

Have a good nite :)


Nikker said...

I love bacon. I love doughnuts. I have NO interest in bacon on my doughnuts (0:
What a great game your son had!! Unlike the Packers game... Really the worst reffing quite possibly in history...

Avery Smithkin said...

Not surprised about the bacon. Here in the Mid-Atlantic area, bacon ice cream is popping up all over. I guess I'll have to try some eventually.

No, I really can't explain why.

And poor Chyann looks cold out there!

Kellie said...

Never heard of and can't even imagine bacon icecream!

Aunt Krissy said...

I like bacon in with my maple syrup, does that count? Also, i looked up spotted dick. It's a steamed pudding with currents in it.

Kellie said...

Love ya Kris for looking that up!