Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor day! and photos from last week.

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.
Or as I like to call it Canning Mania.

A hot weekend to be canning, but it has to be done. 
It' raining now and I don't feel like picking tomato's and peppers in the rain, so I figured I'd post some pictures from last weekend.

Cool dude Colton mowing the lawn for me. 

Apparently that strange pose means he has been seeing a lot of rabbits.

And it finally happened. 
Caden has been (as expected) getting braver and braver on the motorcycle.
He did a little jump coming up a hill, lost control of the bike and laid it down.
Thankfully he didn't get more than a scrape on his forearm.

Scared the snot out of him!
Definitely has dialed him back on the brave meter.
That wont last for long I'm sure and he'll be trying small jumps again.

Chyann and I had another "BEST RIDE EVER".
I know I say that all the time, but it's true. 
I love these long rides, they are fantastic!
And man was it HOT!
We both had nasty sweaty horse stained butts when we were done.
(this was short/stunted corn compared to another field we came across)

Again, no idea how many miles we put on, but were gone for almost three hours.

I know it's only corn and the dratted rag weed, but isn't it beautiful?!

Chyann is still nervy about coming across a bear. I figure we'll deal with it if it happens. We are always talking and making noise so that reduces the chances that we'll have an encounter I think.

Tried to get a picture of Jenny standing by the corn to show how tall this corn was - had to be at least 9' maybe 10', but she decided a snack was a better option and wacked herself with the stalk scaring herself and then wouldn't stand for a picture. Kept hold of that stalk tho. 

Came across this hunting cabin/house in the middle of nowhere.

Again I'll say: BEST RIDE EVER!

School starts for Chyann and Caden tomorrow.
Can't believe how fast this summer flew.

Also, Colton is doing alright at UWRF.
A lot of orientation programs, get to know the folks that live on your dorm floor and where to go if you need assistance type things.

A gal he graduated with lives in his building and two other guys he knows from town are in the dorm next door, so he's got a few familiar faces.
Still no roommate.
And he's having a hard time sleeping at night.
New place, strange bed.
He's got quite a list going of things he needs to get while he's home next weekend.
Top of the list is a bike to ride around campus on.

Alright, the rain has stopped and it's really humid. 
 I'd better get picking IF I'm going to get done and squeeze a ride in this afternoon.

Enjoy your Labor Day!
Later :)


Lisa said...

One BIG dream of mine is a horse. Everytime you post photos of you guys on horses it gives me more the fever than ever. But I have no place for a horse.

Ami said...

School starts tomorrow here, too. I have my own school supplies to do lesson plans etc, and I have to confess I still love sniffing crayons.

What are you going to do with all your spare time now that the kids are back in school?


Anonymous said...

Wow! 3 hours on a horse?! That's a lot of saddle time. Sorry that you had a rough time with Colton going to school. But you will see him soon. Saa ya this afternoon.