Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend news

I don't want it to be Sunday already.
I've got too much to do.

I'm going to do the last, really the last of my tomato's and peppers today.
Love tomato's, but am tired of spending all my free time trapped in the kitchen because I can't just let them go to waste. 
Next year I promise I will only do 20 - 25 plants, really.

For today:
Habanero salsa, cuz my habaneros are finally ready
Cranberry jalapeno jam
Tomato sauce
and whatever peppers are left will get pickled

Thought I'd post a pic of the calves Socks and Cookie.
They sure are getting big. 

Yesterday we went to a friend's place and the kids got to play on this ginormous obstacle course.

It was a beautiful day.
Today is going to be mid-80's, then a cold front is coming through tonight and will be leaving us with high temps for this next week only in the mid 50's - with some possible frost at night, another reason these tomato's and peppers have got to get done.

The kids are all doing well in school.
Chyann decided to drop info processing and take Spanish instead.
I'm excited to see if she takes to Spanish like Colton did.
He was quite fluent in it after taking the required two years.
The teacher was miffed that he didn't want to continue for his Senior year and go on the trip to Mexico, but he was just not that into it. 
I'm like what?! No trip to Mexico?! I could have been a chaperone!

The girls volunteered to go in before it was deflated to make sure there was no debris/leaves that got sucked in.

Colton came home Friday afternoon.
He has been meeting a lot of new people and really starting to dig into his courses.
Somehow he only has four classes that equal 15 credits?
What is up with that? He has a shit load of free time.
Dude you need to get a part time job or something.

My allergies have been miserable this last week too. 
Been taking allegra and that has worked pretty well.
On Thursday I was especially miserable and decided to take some sudafed too because the pressure in my sinus area was killing me. My glasses felt like they were going to pull my nose clean off my face.

That wasn't such a good idea apparently.
I had heart palpitations, shortness of breath and chest pain for the whole four hours until the sudafed wore off. 
Now that was really miserable and i'm NOT going to try that again.
Sure thought it would be ok since you can buy an allegra-d that has sudafed in it. 

My coffee pot of seven years conked out on me yesterday AM. 
Ended up making it by putting a coffee filter in a strainer and pouring hot water through it.
Definitely a little messy, but I got my coffee.
Would have taken a picture, but wasn't coordinated enough to pull that off.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Alaskan friend Rose!
Love ya lady!
Hope you have a fantastic Birthday!!

Toodles :)


Ami said...

While I was reading this I said to myself, 'This is the good stuff.. the slices of life.'

So smart of you to write it down.

And stay the hell away from the doubled up antihistamines! Jesus!!

tainterturtles said...

My friend Joan wanted to give me more tomatoes, but I'm tomatoed-out!!!

Sorry to hear about your allergies and the medication...I'm suffering too. Maybe the netie pot will help?

Anonymous said...

Kellie,Kris looks do you and Caden.That slide looked like lots of fun,Sure wish I could see
you all.Cant Wait until Thanksgiving.I have already gripped about the I wont do it again'
I love all of you and think about you every day.Mom

Kellie said...

Love you much too Mother! Ever so glad you got your computer back up and running.