Thursday, September 20, 2012


It almost NEVER happens that I am alone in this house.
Tonight I am.

what-to-do, what-to-do

Well, let's blog quick and surf some shit, then I've got to cook some dinner I guess.
Might even make some muffins if I have time.

Yesterday it was windy as hell!
Which was probably a good thing, seeing how they were still spreading that liquid manure down the road.

The kids and I picked the pumpkins we grew. 
They filled up a whole trailer.
Even had about four whopping huge ones, that of course I didn't get pictures of, but will soon.

Chyann was attempting to start the three wheeler and Caden looks like he laid that pumpkin.

I rarely get a good picture of them at the same time, as you've probably noticed.

As seen this morning:
Apparently the grass is greener (better tasting) on the other side of the fence.

And hey!
Leaf update.
Actually with the wind we had yesterday I'm surprised there are any leaves left. 
This am

and about 15 mins ago.
They are turning fast.

In other news

My Mother and Gerry are coming up for Thanksgiving!
We are very very excited!
I have taken off from the 21st thru the 27th!
A freaking vacation with my Mother in November!
Cannot wait!

We are also looking forward to seeing Colton this weekend. 
I cant' tell you how strange it is to have one of your children not living at home.
I call him at least once a day. 
I'm sure that bugs the shit out of him, but he is humoring me for the time being and talking to me lol

Speaking of that - Mom I totally apologize for not calling more often after I moved out.
I had no idea what kind of hell I put you through by being so distant.

Did I tell you Chyann got on the high school student council?
She did and helped plan all the Homecoming activities for next week.

Caden's first football game is on Saturday and we are stoked :)

Hey, funny thing I heard on the radio today.
Warewolves of London by Warren Zevon was playing.
The dj comes on after it was over and said he was going to London for Thanksgiving and it was going to be weird not having pumpkin pie for desert on Thanksgiving day and went on to say that his host's were going to make him a British style "thanksgiving" dinner and for desert they were going to have spotted dick.


I'm afraid to even google that to see what it is lol

Alright, off to cook so it's ready when they walk in the door.
Have a nice night and let me know if you are brave enough to google what a spotted dick is.


tainterturtles said...

I'm thinking you will be spending more time alone as the two kids grow older, and Colton is gone to college.

Love the pumpkins....I think Caden likes them too!

Hey Kellie girl, thanks for the jam, what a surprise. It's truly DELICIOUS!

Lisa said...

When we were in England Dave was still a smoker. Image the expression he had on his face when our English friends invited him to go " suck back on a fag!" I knew what they meant, but Dave almost punched the guy out!

Kellie said...

LOL! Suck back on a fag! Boy they sure have some interesting terms in that part of the world.

Glad it is good, I haven't tried any yet and it's a new recipe this year with bits of dried cranberries in it.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Caden on his game and points that he made. I road my bike The other day and I had to pedal down the hill as the wind was so strong! That's just wrong!

Nicole said...

I'd be afraid to google it... oh imagine the images, but I've been told what it is, I just can't remember. I know it didn't sound to appetizing to me, but someone told me what it was.... darn I can't remember.