Friday, September 14, 2012

As promised...

Pictures from last weekend. 
I totally intended to post before this, but as usual time slipped away from me.

So here is a much better picture of Krissy, Caden and I after finishing the Twister run last Saturday.
Kris actually won 3rd place in our age group!
but left before she got her medal and is currently tracking it down.

At the parade afterwards.
Here comes our High School Band 

There is Chyann.
Can you just make her out on the very far side? kinda under the tuba horn?

Cool kid, eh?
Love the bandannas and the River Falls sunshades, compliments of her brother.

 The guys watching the parade.

 Can't have a parade without a shit load of tractors as far as the eye can see.

Chyna soo happy to mug on her brother.

Our neighbor and his team.

So glad it's Friday.
More tomorrow. 


Ami said...

Time slipped away? What, you have other things besides blogging???

I think you're just a slacker.

Kellie said...

Oh Yes! It's true, I'm a blogging slacker :)

Nikker said...

I love small town parades, people in lawn chairs, John Deere tractors and draft horses! Looks like a great time. (0: