Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday at last!

It was homecoming week and with Chyann being on the student council she has been busy with pep band at the volleyball games, band at the bonfire and pep rally, decorating the gym for the dance and pep band at the football game last night (don't forget a whole lot of homework too) ~

Left me to ride all by myself on several occasions this week and it was great!

Did you know that dry corn is incredibly loud when there is even just a hint of a breeze?
That noise doesn't bother Scotch, but Jennifer and Gypsy? 
They think there are lions and tigers rustling in that corn coming after them!
So, I rode Scotch. 
Much less of a chance ending up on my arse!

And when Chyann found out I have been riding without her?
She was actually kinda mad.
Guess she didn't think I could/should ride without her.
Guess again baby :)

I do so love this time of year.
The trees and their colors make me feel good.

The horses are getting their winter coats on and are not appreciating this Indian summer weather we are having.

The kids dressed up for Spirit day on Friday.

Didn't realize I was taking pictures in front of Caden's picture gallery on the wall.
The Hubby believes in showcasing all art work.

The view from my office window.
I've been pretty fortunate to have been able to watch the seasons change for 11 months now out that window.

That red maple is incredible.

In other news:

My worst allergy season ever has morphed into a nasty sinus infection.
The doc said I totally should have came in earlier - like the first time I woke up in the morning after having laid on my left side all night, to hopefully relieve pressure in my right sinus area, and my left eye leaked sinus shit out and I couldn't open my eye because of all the crust. 
But you know how it goes, I was hoping to get better and avoiding the docs seemed like a good idea at the time.

I need a new monitor for the home computer.
Somehow we've managed to have a second one go out on us in a year, strange.

Colton is home for the weekend - YAY!

Caden's second football game is this morning.
Speaking of that, I've got to run.
Time to get them all rolling.

Have a great weekend :)


Ami said...

Busy busy. Love the art showcase, I think that's terrific.

Take time to gaze at the fall sky... I love the blue of it this time of year. The sky changes before the calendar does, ever notice that?

off to dye

tainterturtles said...

Sinus infection? I blame it on the extremely dry conditions this fall. Hope you feel better.

I agree, the tree colors are looking great. Must be nearing our peak now.

SunnySD said...

Your "dry corn" ride made me chuckle - a couple of years ago I participated in a fall benefit ride for a local cancer cure group. The day of the ride there it was sunny and hot, and windy with gust to 40 mph. Of course we were riding country roads and fields, and the corn leaves were swirling around like flocks of birds. By the time we finished the ride, everyone's horses had finally stopped freaking out at being "attacked" - but it was sure interesting there for a while!

South Dakota's mostly golds, oranges and yellows - I really miss all the reds you see in WI and MI this time of year. :)

Aunt Krissy said...

I would still kiss you with your gunky eye cause I love you that much! even I get a little "spooked" when I walk near the corn right now, might be a bear in there corn coming to get me!

Anonymous said...

Honey,I have had some really good sinus infection,but I think you topped me,with the eye draining.Must have been awful.We are green again.Temp in the 80's today,this weekend should be down to 39.So they say.I could take a lot more 80's days they are so nice.I really wish I could go to one of Caden's football games.Colton sure looks like his Dad,in the donut picture.Sorry Chyann was sad about missing your ride,Next time grip about her being gone so much and making you ride by your self.I love you all.Mom