Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of school and some random junk

You would not believe how big of a pain in my arse it was to get Chyann to take a first day of school picture.
She is apparently way too cool for this type of thing. 
What is the big deal!???
Colton did it his whole school career without bitching - or at least he didn't complain out loud, just stood there and smiled. Which is what I totally expect to happen.
They smile, I take the picture - DONE!


Anyhow, they both had a good first day of school.

It's been foggy in the mornings this week.

Took these pictures the other day, this is the view from my office window.
Earlier the fog was so thick you couldn't see the road that runs past the house.

The distant trees slowly emerged.

Till the sun finally burned it off.
 I love how the sun turns the corn all golden.
Do you see my favorite maple tree that had the branches broke off over the summer?
The whole top of the tree appears to be dying now.

Colton finally got his roommate. Says he is a nice guy.
 Sounds like he is adjusting to school alright. 
We sure miss him around here. Looking forward to seeing him this weekend.
Course he probably has plans and wont want to be hanging around the house.

In other news.

My gal friday, oh I mean my BFF Krissy, stopped by yesterday afternoon and we went for a little run since the big 5K we are going to do is this Saturday. 

 Kris has been training for this for months, running and cross training. This gal is in shape and has some serious endurance - folks that knew her way back when - would be so proud!

 Me, I've been doing my elliptical almost daily, but no running outside. 
So, we did a mile running and I was just starting to get a stitch in my side when we turned to come back ~ ouchy!
Then we walked a mile back home.
HOLY SHIT that running was tough!
Doing the elliptical was and is not adequate preparation for actual running outside - in my opinion.

That's ok though.
I'm going to go, have fun, try not to fall on my face or shit my pants!

Caden's first football practice is tonight and he is totally jazzed. 

I've checked out a Kindle from the library that had a whole bunch of popular new books loaded on it.
Didn't think I'd like this format of books, but turns out I really like it.
Think it's the convience of it. I read one book, scrolled through the other titles and picked another.

 Wallah! new book to read.

and i'll admit that, i was curious about all the hoopla over the 50 shades of gray series.
i've read book 1 and 2. just started book 3.
They are ok. Not exactly the mommy porn everyone was talking about, but ok. 
The dom/sub crap totally does not appeal to me and there's really not too much of it.

Toodles :)  


Lisa said...

I got suckered into reading them too. I hated the first one. Like you I'm not into that sub/dom thing. But after the first one it kinda got a storyline to it. Then the third is really nice. You see the man behind the whip.

Our international student doesn't want to come and jog/walk with us. He wants to go to a gym to do it. He says it's the only way to do it. I think it's more of a work out if you do it outside. Plus, more fresh air. Oh well to each his own. I think he's just frozen and won't admit to being a wimp. lol

nnnn/colorado said...

Glad it's you & not me running with Krissy - she said she has 3 miles down to 35 minutes - shoot, my old car can hardly do that!!
Have fun at the run & don't hurt yourself!!

Kellie said...

LIsa ~ I am liking the storyline as well :)

Linda ~ I will endevor not to hurt myself or die of imbarrasment!

Nikker said...

My husband wanted to get me a kindle...but there is something...romantic? I guess about a paper book! (0:
Good luck on your run! Just remember to hydrate! (0: You'll do great!

SunnySD said...

Haven't poked my nose into Shades of Grey yet - hearing everyone's reactions is too much fun!

How did the 5k go? Hope it was side-stitch and pain-free!

Ami said...

I am completely uninterested in the 50 shades of gray thing I have heard that the writer sort of sucks and that unless you like reading about sex it's not that great.

Share how you did on your run!! I think you're amazing!!