Thursday, October 4, 2012

This and that...

Man this week sure flew by.

A rewind of some happenings around here.

Caden at the game Saturday.
He was the QB in this picture doing a hand off to one of his teammates.
I sure need a camera with a faster shutter speed to get better action shots. 
Most of the pictures I took were a blur - damn.
Threw another two TD's and made one TD this week.
Score was 28 to 14. Another win!

Went to my favorite flower/tree place, Klingers and got 100 pounds of the best Yukon gold taters for a  whopping $16 bucks!
Definitely can't beat the price and they've got lots of cool shit this time of year too.

Like see/buy enormous pumpkins and a corn maze.
Those biggies by Caden were $30 and $35 bucks.
Shoot my biggest pumpkin was about the size of the one on the far right of him and that's big enough for me. Can't imagine paying that much for a pumpkin.

A couple of cute donkeys and

a tiny mini that Chyann loved.

Our colors peaked last weekend too.

Sure didn't get to enjoy them long though.
The wind came and ripped those gorgeous leaves off the trees.

Two Thursday's in a row now that I'm home alone.. 
Actually had a phone conversation with a friend and had no kid interruptions - pretty nice.

Still fighting this stinking sinus infection.
No longer leaking from my eye, but I have a rotten headache that wont go away.
Makes for a long ass day staring at a computer and will require me to take a cat nap after work.

Seems our nice weather is on the way out too.
Gonna get quite cold this weekend "they"say.
Not looking forward to it.

Only went riding a few times this last week and didn't go far.
It's bear hunting and bow dear season.
The neighbors sited in their guns Sunday. 
I'm quite sure all that noise scared off any animals that might have been in the vicinity.
Staying close to home for now anyhow. 

My busy time at work is coming up quick.
I'm hoping for a snot load of OT.

Went to the dentist and was told I had fine choppers.
Our dentist is a riot.

Speaking of teeth.
Chyann's are moving at light speed and she may end up getting her braces off after the first of the year.
fingers crossed

I'm off to make delicious potato soup with some Yukon golds.

Have a nice evening :)


Ami said...

Great, stop by to see how things are going and have to look at a couple of jackasses.


Potato soup sounds good... something about fall and soups...

Kellie said...

LOL! that is right AMi :)

tainterturtles said...

We lost a lot of leaves yesterday in all that wind...still windy tonight!

Your potato soup sounds delicious.

Nikker said...

That's a lot of spuds!! (0:
Glad you were able to a few pictures before the leaves were gone...that are great! I so love the leaves changing color!!

Anonymous said...

Kellie,we got down to 31 last night.those potatoes sound great.and the mini that has the strip down its back looks like Benny.Gerry is home and that is good I think.
I love you so much,Mom