Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence post

Happy 4th!

YAY for the 4th falling on a Friday = 3 day weekend!

Had a fantastic horse ride with Chyann this AM before it got hot. 
We went through an area that was so wet still that the horses sunk four inches into mud and muck. 
For the first real ride we've been out on this year they did great. 
Course we've got to walk down the highway some to get out to the trail and we saw Krissy's boyfriend driving by.  He was on his way to the cities to pick her up! She is back in the land of milk and honey after almost a years absence. Can't wait to see her! Hope it's soon. 

My big plan for this holiday weekend was mow the freaking jungle that is my lawn. 
Unfortunately that didn't work out like I planned.
Need some new belts. 


Caden is doing a flag football camp. 
They do drills, learn plays and have a lot of fun. 

Caught a ball just short of making a touchdown.

After he made a touchdown. 
Some of those sixth graders are giants compared to Caden. 

Caden and his best buddy between games. 

Saw the best bumper sticker ever this week too:

Laughed my ass off lol

Not sure what all this weekend holds.
Hoping for more riding, seeing some friends and new belts :)
later alligator 


Nikker said...

Hope you had a great 4th! (0:
That kid in the "green" Packer shirt looks like he's 20!
So glad you girls got a nice ride in. We've still got some standing water around here, and my hay guys hold off on cutting until some time around the 15th due to it! Kinda crazy!
Glad your friends home!!

Nicole said...

Yey for 3 day weekends! Hey want to mow my yard? My mower works :)