Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last regular season baseball game and storm updates

Yesterday we made our way an hour North for the last regular season game.
The park we played at had a very nice pavilion, band area, dance floor and concession area.
They were having some kind of local celebration and the place was full. 
The pavilion is open and right behind the stands we were sitting in and for about half the game it was a polka palooza! 
First song or two was ok, then WOW let me tell you it got old. 
We were all relieved when they finally quit playing.

Caden said they could hear the music clear as day out on the field lol

Daddy-O was asked to help out coaching since the main coach was not at the game.
His son, one of Caden's best buddies was asked or recruited to play I'm not sure which, to play at a baseball tournament in the Southern part of the state with another team. 
Which I think is pretty cool, but a heard a few rumblings from other parents that they didn't think it was right. Shit if your kid was asked to play with another team because they had a lot of talent you sure wouldn't say no.  So give me a break - ugh.

I think this was Caden's best game of the season!
He hit every ball and even stole a base!

He made some excellent plays too!
Got a player out a second, third and first.

Little pep talk before getting up to bat.

Happy to see Dodger when we got home. 

Chyann out at the barn petting the cats and dogs.

We had a hell of a storm again last night too. 
Lot's of thunder and lightning, thankfully not a lot of wind tho.
My new rain gauge says we got 3 1/4 inches of rain!
What a wet year - so far. 

Officially they've declared the tornado that went through town on Friday an F1 with winds about 95mph.
Clean up is still underway. 
I heard the rest of the summer school program may be cancelled due to a vent on the roof of the school that was ripped off and allowed a HUGE amount of water into the school and several class rooms were flooded. I suppose we'll hear something today about that. 
The ball fields behind the school are so littered with debris that they are closed indefinitely.
We got lucky it wasn't any worse than it was. 

Tonight is the end of season baseball potluck and parent vs kid game - IF we don't get the storms they are predicting. 

later :)


Aunt Krissy said...

Now that would be a fun game to watch! See ya soon

tainterturtles said...

Good for Caden....he's an awesome player!

I think the school had a million dollars in this weeks Colfax Messenger.

Nicole said...

A parent versus kid game, that sounds awesome!