Saturday, July 12, 2014

GoGo Red and other fun

 The work week can be so long, especially when coming off a three day holiday weekend.
They can however be made to seem shorter when you go to a wine and painting class one night with your lady friends.

The event was hosted by the same folks who put on the Derby party and apparently they are going to be having a Pottery and wine class soon. 

None of us claim to have any artistic abilities, but add a little wine and we didn't do too bad.

I don't think they anticipated the community turnout, but were quite pleased with how many folks showed up to have fun. 

The instructor is teacher at the high school. He came around to each table and give pointers or suggestions for color occasionally.

They asked us to donate one of our "master pieces" to hang on their wall.
Hard to choose right? lol

Now that looks like some talent to me.

Looking forward to our next outing.
We always have so much fun.

My absolute favorite wine of all time now is GoGo Red.
It is amazing.
We'd love to take a winery tour there. 
If you are any kind of a red wine fan this is one you have to try.


Caden was invited to play on an all-star baseball team. 
They are playing in a weekend long tournament in Bruce.
Their first game playing together was last night and they won 17 - 0. 
Every boy on this new team is a fantastic athlete.
Today's games should be exciting.


Life is good.
You just have to know how to appreciate it - even when you are knee deep in shit.


Ami said...

The art class looks like fun. Or at least it looks like a really fun group of women. :)

I am not a wine drinker, but I love looking at the labels, how weird is that??

We have a couple Little League all-stars in our group at work, they're traveling to California soon to play in the semi-finals.

Lisa said...

It looked like the art class was a ball!!

Nicole said...

I feel like you live in a little town, no? I do too but we definitely don't have cool things like this. I'm jealous :).