Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

I've had the last four days off from work. 
Sure has been a nice break from the rat race.

We went to Rock Fest on Thursday night.
No zip line this year unfortunately, but they had these guys jumping motorcycles and snowmachines. They did amazing tricks in the air that were so intense, I was sure they'd crash.  

Chyann wanted to see Paul McCartney in St Paul this August, but we weren't able to get tickets so she came with us in lieu of that.

Met up with my BFF Sherri there.

We saw Reo Speedwagon and Sammy Hagar.

They both put on great shows!
It was a lot of fun.

Check out the blood red moon that we saw that night.


Last week we had record low high temps - 62* was the record that was set on Monday and tomorrow we'll be in the 90's with high humidity. I'm looking forward to the heat. 

However with the cooler temps Chyann and I were able to ride horses quite a bit. 
The bugs are just terrible right now though. 
I sucked in a few last night - yuck.

Later :)

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Nicole said...

Reading the temps, especially the differences in temps gave me goosebumps! and I never realized how much Chyann looks like you until that first picture.