Sunday, July 27, 2014

Storm clouds

While having a late dinner last night we heard thunder.
Looked out the window and saw some seriously impressive clouds.

I walked out to the field next door to take some pictures.
The rumbles of thunder and cloud to cloud lighting were amazing.

I stood and watched the colors blend and move until the bugs ran me back inside.

After dark the sky really lit up with lightning.
No storms in our area, they went just North of us.

It's much cooler and less humid out today.

Have a good one... 


Ami said...

Beautiful pictures! It's hard to capture how HUGE clouds like that are. I love seeing them when we get them here, too, but I've never seen them that color. :)

Nicole said...

Tori and I like the cloud pictures! We're supposed to get cooler temps this week but who knows.

Anonymous said...

Kellie, Kim and I just looked and read your blog. jealous as we can be. The pictures are wonderful but it looks like you are having a wonderful time too. wish I there. Love u

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