Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hot water and other fun

I started yesterday in the kitchen.
Found this fantastic recipe at Pioneer Woman cooks. 
It's easy and a great alternative to actual cinnamon rolls. 
The recipe makes two delicious loaves. 

After getting the loaves rising, Chyann and I went out for another morning ride. 
The fields we rode through didn't get planted this year for whatever reason and the weeds were tall which apparently made for good bird nesting. We spooked birds left and right as we rode.
Scotch didn't care for all the freaking birds I tell you.
Surprisingly Jenny didn't mind them at all. 

Even saw a deer.
All the birds had Scotch wanting to jog most of the ride. 
Fun, fun.

Corn in a field close to the house, not quite knee high by the 4th of July. 
Most of the field was waterlogged/washed out and the corn was super stunted, only 3 -4 inches high.
Sure made for some fun riding though.

Got a belt for the lawn mower and spent the remainder of the day mowing. 
Then jumped in the pool to cool off - felt good.

Should run the weed whacker today, but don't know if I will since last night the freaking hot water heater went out and flooded the basement.
I imagine today will be spent looking for a replacement.



Anonymous said...

fun ride. yummy bread.

Nicole said...

the hot water heat flooded your basement... yikes! I'm kind of jealous you get to use your pool. I'm still out of a pool/hot tub for a few more weeks.