Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week in review:

Saturday again.
What's been going on?
Double header and absolutely the last baseball games earlier in the week.
The boys lost both games, but not by much and even when you loose valuable lessons are learned. 
Football practice. 
Had our first 90* day of the summer, coupled with high humidity it felt like 97*.
Heat like that finally got Colton in the pool.
Dodger was leaning in to get a drink and fell in.
Colton hoisted him out and he wanted to get back in but never got the nerve up to actually jump in.

We took yesterday off work and went to the MOA!
I had never been there before, but everyone else had.
That place is ginormous!
We got there right as it opened and the amount of people wasn't too bad, but by the time we left FIVE hours later it was shoulder to shoulder and HOT - especially on the upper floors. 
I can't imagine working there or even going there on a regular basis. 
Too big for me I guess. 

If you want something - unusual or hard to find this mall has it.


My garden is doing well. 
Peppers galore - both hot and sweet.

I've had several tomato's from the garden already and have a lot more that are close. 
Let me tell you that first tomato sandwich of the season was divine - YUM!

A neighbor of ours who usually has a bountiful garden told me that she doesn't have many tomato's set on her plants and the pepper plants look even worse. She chalks it up to the incredibly wet start to the growing season, but I don't know if that could account for it since my garden got the same amount and it's doing well.

Today is going to be a hot and humid one.
I mopped the kitchen floor an hour ago and it still looks wet lol

Mowing and swimming are my tasks for the day.
Have a good one :)


tainterturtles said...

The sun felt really hot today. I'm glad your garden is doing good. The Mall of America? I've been there, but don't really like it either. Too big, and too many people!

Nicole said...

dang, your temps made me get goosebumps again. I get them easily though :). Anyway I soooo want to go to MOA :). One year Tori's mom took her and she came home and told us she went to Minnesota and called it a city. We laughed soooo hard. But on a side note, we asked her what the capital of Oklahoma was and she said Iowa... I love small kids answers sometimes.