Thursday, July 17, 2014

Super fun

Did you get the chance to see the super moon last Saturday night?
It rained soo much Saturday that the baseball tournament was cancelled for the day and I figured we wouldn't be able to see it with all the clouds, but we were able to get a few glimpses of it before we went to bed. Pretty cool.

Sunday the tournament was back on. 
The boys played three games.
Winning the first and second easily.
Caden up to bat - 

hanging out at first - 

stealing to second, then racing to third on an over thrown ball - 

Waiting for his chance to get home - 

and sliding in!

They lost the Championship game with a score of 4 to 1, really held the other team well. 

The boys took home the second place trophy.

It was a really fun tournament. Everyone learned a lot and gained some valuable experience. 
Considering these boys never played together before this tournament they were amazing.
Last game for them is on the 22nd and we'll finally put this season to bed. 


Lot's of stuff going on.
Tonight is Rock Fest 2014.
Should be fun. 


later :)


Nicole said...

I did see that bright moon. It was crazy! Cool that they had the 2nd place trophy!

Anonymous said...

Kellie, broke my heart seeing all the great pictures boy if we could do it all again. Love you all