Monday, July 21, 2014

150 years

Otherwise knows as Sesquicentennial. 
Our town celebrated it's 150th year this last weekend.
For four days the town had numerous fun activities, get together's and events.
There were so many folks in town the streets were a continual traffic jam the whole time. 

My favorite part was the parade. 
Colton and Chyann hanging out before it started. 
This parade was even bigger than the Fireman parade that we have over Labor Day.

Caden was in the parade representing youth baseball.
For the first part of the parade the boys sat on the back of the convertible trowing candy, but got tired of that and started walking behind the car.

Their coach had them line up 6, 7, 8.

And look who joined us -
The lovely Krissy is back!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

the events in town looked great,bet it was a lot of fun.But needless to say think Chris looked the best and
the most fun.wish I was there too. BEVERLY AND Brad are moved in.Gerry will get the hot water tank plumed in tomorrow.How can i be so unhappy.
I love you and miss you lots.

Nicole said...

Soooo cool you guys are still allowed to throw candy! at our big parade here in town, they made a rule a few years ago that you can't throw candy anymore (although a lot of the floats still do... shhh)