Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

Holy cats it's December 1st!
Way back in June when I talked to my brother about going to AK in December, it was a lifetime away.
One of those far off things that may or may not actually happen.

Well here it is December 1st.
I've got my ticket and my shuttle pass.
Looks like I'm actually going to AK in a mere 11 days!

I'm the only one going.
I feel somewhat guilty about that, but what can you do.

After not having been to a place in so long - 11.5 years give or take a month, I can't imagine how things have changed or by chance stayed the same.
There is so much I want to do and see, but with limited time I'll be absolutely content with anything that happens.

My Dad will be there! Haven't seen him in several years.
My Mom and Gerry will be there too!
KRISSY is there now!

I'm getting butterflies just sitting here thinking about it all. 

Deep breath.


In other news:

Caden's feet are doing better. He has participated in one basketball practice and did well. He says he knew just how far to push it before he was done. Let's hope he can continue to do that.

Colton is doing alright in school. Finals are coming up and he's been cracking the books.

Chyann has two more drive times left before she goes for her drivers license test. Her big thing right now is a car.
For some reason she thinks a car is required on her 16th birthday because she doesn't want to ride the bus anymore and because well she wants a car NOW!
I'm thinking life is going to be getting a wee bit more complicated after she turns 16.

Just three short years ago her biggest worry was getting Casper to pull her and Caden on the sled.

No ride for us yesterday - just wood and the wood is now officially done.
Or so I sincerely hope.


Anonymous said...

Kellie,I am getting silly too. Just thinking about see both my babies at the same time. makes me smile.I love you....Mom

Nikker said...

How exciting getting to go "home" for a visit, sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun!
I absolutely love that picture of you kids, Casper, and the sled! It brings back memories of me and my sisters and the things we tried/did with our horses. Oh, the good ol' days. (0:

Nicole said...

Ah, but she gets a car, as long as she's responsible, she'll be your errand runner for life... lol. Ok maybe a few years but still :). I always got sent to the vet, town, etc when I got my license. Hopefully you'll take photos of Alaska because 1) I'm interested in what you're doing and 2) I've never been there.