Saturday, November 30, 2013


is the time we made it home on Friday morning.

I never thought I'd be out and about up and at'em for a solid 24 hours - with the exception of that 15 minute cat nap I had at 2p Thanksgiving day.

We got to the mall just as the doors were opening and walked right in. No waiting in line for us.

Made my first purchase in the Macy's shoe department within ten minutes of our arrival.
Yes the purchase was a fancy pair of boots for me and damn were they a good deal - regular priced at 89 bucks I got them for 19.95!

We never waited in line for more than a minute or two. Everyone was nice as can be. There was no pushing, shoving or shouting like you see on the evening news when they report about black Friday shopping. Strangest thing we saw was outside the Victoria Secrets store. The line was enormous, two of the three entrances were blocked off and at the only open entrance they had security guards letting people in and out. By 4a the crowds and security guards were gone so we went in and asked what all the hoopla was, the sales gal said they had a pajama set on sale for 25 bucks that everyone went nuts over, she said she was amazed because it really wasn't that good of a deal.

We left the mall and went to a nearby Target. Fueled up on some delicious Starbucks coffee and drove to Kohls. Had a scary moment when we were getting ready to check out and Chyann's friend discovered she'd lost her IPod. It was left in a dressing room and not there when the girls went back to look for it. Thankfully some super nice person turned it in at the customer service desk and she got  it back! By this point I was ready to pack it in and come home. 3am is plenty late for me to be staying up, but the girls were hungry and the only place open was the mall food court. So back to the mall we went and fueled up on some food.

Now it became a quest to stay at the mall until Scheels opened at 6a. We were giddy and overtired, but had two hours to burn so we hit the open stores trying on clothes and goofing off. My friend Kathy was so tired when we left Old Navy that she put her shirt on backwards and it didn't even faze her lol She wore it the rest of the night inside out.

The magic hour of 6a arrived and we walked right in Scheels. Went directly where we wanted, got our deals, hit the cash registers and exited the mall.


It was full dark when we piled in the van at the mall and completely light when we pulled in at the house.
The sunrise was absolutely gorgeous!

The girls scurried in and up to bed. I fed the animals, stoked the fire, unloaded the dishwasher and thought about our nights adventure. Was it worth it? Did I spend wisely? How long would it take to recover from staying up all night? What else did I need to get? It was these overtired thoughts that kept me awake until about 1130a. Finally falling into a deep sleep filled with dreams of having lost my wallet, being unable to find the girls, spending all my money on one item - then having that one item stolen and other random bullshit. ISH Woke up at 3p feeling hungover and unsettled.

In conclusion.

I don't know if it was really worth it, but I did have a good time.
Maybe we'll go again next year.

It's weirdly mild here today, going to be about 40* and you know what that means - we are going to do some wood. Maybe Chyann and I can squeeze in a short ride in the pasture next door too.

later :)


Nikker said...

Black Friday can be fun, but the "hang over" can be really painful! (0: Sounds like a pretty good adventure to me overall!!
We didn't par-take this year. Mostly because we're doing a lot of gift cards...and waiting for a few cyber-Monday sales!

Nicole said...

Yeah I've never actually braved the Black Friday crowd. We usually hit up Walmart Friday evening after all the whoopla has died down to see what is left. We got a new Blu Ray Player for our bedroom but that was the extent of our shopping. I want to buy clothes, but I hate spending money on maternity clothes and none of my clothes fit right now so I'm torn...