Saturday, December 21, 2013

Alaskan adventures part 1

I'm home!
Took me this long to rest up. Too many nights with little to no sleep.
It was an amazing trip.
Loved absolutely every minute of it!

I took the shuttle bus from Eau Claire to the MSP airport and people watched for hours waiting for Gerry's flight to come in from OKC. 
Do any of you watch that show Bering Sea Gold?
Well I was sitting there and Scott Meisterheim walked right up to me and stopped looking around.
I'm thinking this guy sure looks familiar and of course when he started walking away is when I realized who he is.
Of course we watch all those Alaska reality shows. More often than not the Hubby sees people he knows.

Anyhow I found Gerry and we listened to two folks singing some amazing opera in the airport until it was time to board.

I'll admit as we sat in the plane getting ready for take off I was pretty nervy.
Which surprised me since I used to be a seasoned flyer. Living on the Aleutian chain you had to fly to do anything - literally.
Once we were in the air I was quite relieved.

My first glimpse of mountains somewhere over Montana I think.

Our plane got in a little early so after we got the rental car we were almost to Jeff's house when they started calling to see where we were. Gerry and I decided not to answer the phone and to just show up at their door.
It was so wonderful to see them for the first time.
Sitting here tearing up just remembering it.
We stayed up late visiting and laughing.

The next morning we all went to breakfast and met up with my Dad.
Felt good sitting in this restaurant with my family all around the table.
The darkness thing got me though.
I had forgotten how short the days are in Alaska this time of year.
It was pitch black out the windows and that made it feel very early in the morning when in actuality it was almost 10am. Weird right?

My niece Amanda works almost right next door to the restaurant so we decided to drop in to see her. 

The lovely Amanda.

They've got this cool fountain that flows chocolate

modeled after Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
An autographed picture from the cast of the movie hangs next to it.

My Mother, Brother, Thor, Amanda and Gerry.
Thor was Amanda's 18th birthday present from her boyfriend.
My Brother takes him everywhere if Amanda doesn't have him. 
He is a sweetie - 12 weeks old and full of puppy fun.

I had some Tillamook cheddar cheese when I was in AK and have been jonesing for more ever since. 
Unfortunately it's not sold anywhere near here, so I decided to go online and order a few baby loafs.
Shipping cost more than the cheese so scratch that idea. 
Went to the store last night and got five different kinds of cheddar hoping to find something close to the Tillamook extra sharp. It's a cheese palooza at my house today.

Are you ready for Christmas?
I am, can't wait.

Colton is home from college. It's wonderful having him home and knowing he'll be here for a while. 

Happy Saturday folks.
More to come on my Alaska trip.


Aunt Krissy said...

It was sure nice seeing you!
Was also nice talking to you this morning. Miss you!

Charity Chamberlain-Reopelle said...

Was so unreal and wonderful to see you! Like no time passed! Love you guys!

Nicole said...

Oh looks like you had a great start o the trip! Have you tried looking on Amazon :). Wow, I've been around my husband way to much with that comment :)

tainterturtles said...

So glad you could travel to Alaska Kellie. What a great trip!