Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dreams and irritation

It's warmed up a little here, only about zero this morning and lightly snowing.
Maybe 3-5 inches today.

We got all the cookies made yesterday and the Christmas picture taken.
A successful day.

I woke up entirely too early for a Sunday; I kept having weird and scary dreams. 
After the last one I decided to just get up. 
We were out on a lake, the guys were going to go ice fishing - they cut a hole about 1 foot x 3 foot in the ice.
A friends little boy had snuck away from his mother, I just turned in that direction when I saw him fall into the unguarded hole. I ran over, got on my hands and knees leaning in trying to fish him out when I fell in.
The water was so damn cold.
Someone threw a rope in for me to grab, I went up for air and yelled that the little boy had fallen in and I was going back down for him.
In my dream I went down many times looking for him - not quite seeing because I couldn't really open my eyes, more feeling for him with my outstretched arms, trying to go out further under the ice.
My movements were getting slower and slower as I moved through the icy water and I knew I could only look for another moment before I'd have to try and get out of the water myself - then I felt his jacket.
Seemed like it took forever to get my frozen fingers to grasp him and drag him up to the hole, where strong arms pulled him up and out of the water.
Then I woke up, my heart thundering in my chest and covered in sweat.

When we were kids we'd ride our three-wheelers on frozen lakes and even on the frozen ocean within feet of open water. I look back on that now and think that was some of the stupidest shit I've ever done. Scares me just thinking about it. 


Back in November I ordered some x out face gunk for Chyann.
Some friends of hers swore by it and she wanted to try it.
Introductory price of 30 bucks - came with lots of bonus shit.
The day it came in the mail the invoice stated that unless I called to cancel we'd be put on an auto fill program and my debt card, which I used to purchase the item with, would be charged monthly.
I immediately called and cancelled.
Got the woman's name, id and a confirmation that the auto fill program had been deactivated.
I would no longer have an account with them and when/if we needed more I'd call and order.
Done deal right?
Imagine my surprise when I was reconciling my bank account last week and see a fracking charge of 37.99 on my account!
Call those folks up and said now wait a minute, this is bull shit I cancelled this account because I did not want the auto fill.
Oh we are soo sorry.
The gal says they will send me a label to put on the box when it arrives and to send it back. The money will be returned to my account within three business days. 
A few days later the label arrives, but no box.
I check the account and now I'm being charged only 7.99.
Call them up AGAIN.
Oh we are soo sorry, but the 7.99 is the shipping and it is not refundable when you return an item.
I did not place this order. This is your companies mistake, I refuse to have to pay return shipping on an item that I did not order. Get me a manager on the line.
We are so sorry you are upset.
The box will be there on the 10th, put the shipping label on it and send it back - then call us to confirm the package is on its way and we'll refund you the 7.99.
This is not acceptable to me.
Those rotten assholes.
Don't know what all I'm gonna do, but I'm starting tomorrow AM with my bank.
Pissed off and irritated.
What a fricking scam and the thing is Chyann really liked the product, but damned if I'll get it for her again.

Another picture from the past - Chyann attempting to teach Caden to ride Casper.
The Elm tree was alive and well back then. I sure miss that tree. 
You can see along the house the yard is all torn up - we had a trench dug and buried a new electric line and water pipe out to the barn. It was a wet summer and every time I put new grass seeds down it would rain so hard and wash the seeds down into the yard - which made for some thick beautiful grass that I couldn't keep up with mowing. 


Ami said...

Working backwards here.. that is a lovely photograph. A glimpse of sweetness of children.

Your bank will refuse to pay charges in a dispute like that. Very smart of you to get all the pertinent information and write it down. I used to be a lot better about it, and have sort of let it slide a bit. Which doesn't help me much.

And the dream thing. How scary. I wouldn't have been able to sleep after that one, either.

I'm often taking care of children in my dreams, but I don't have to look very far to figure out why. Hope you sleep better tonight!!

tainterturtles said...

Oh Kellie, we went through the same thing with Becca and that face product that you talked about. If it's the same stuff I'm thinking of, it basically bleaches the skin and that's why it works well. The problem is this company sets up the automatic monthly payment to your credit card/debt card. You are right, it's a big hassle to stop the charges and shipments. I totally understand your frustration.

Good for you for getting all your Christmas cookies baked.

Nicole said...

Dang, that is a scam. Have you tried going on Amazon to see if you can find the product? A lot of times Mark can find things there and we don't have to go through the company itself. Might be something to try....