Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter wonderland

We got our first good snow this week.
Maybe four inches in all. 

Apparently Gypsy and Scotch didn't have sense enough to go into the barn when they started getting wet.
Gypsy was just shivering and shaking.
I walked her down to the barn and dried her off then locked her in.

Casper and Jennifer however were nice and dry.

Jennifer craning her neck to see the bus at the top of the drive way and watching the kids get off. 

 We've got cat houses built out in the barn for the cats. 

I broke out my cross country skis yesterday after work.
It was pretty comical when I first got them on.
The brain/body had no clue how to motivate, which ended with me down in the snow several times.
My arse is pretty tender today lol
Finally got the hang of it and ended up having a blast.
Would be nice to find someone around here that knew what they were doing and could give me some pointers.

Some serious cold weather is moving in today. 
We'll have highs in the single digits and some serious wind!

Welcome to winter.


Nicole said...

Is that your house? I like it!! That kitty is sooooo pretty. I love the horses didn't go in. Ours never do either. I like that the one was watching the kids off to school. When you first said you broke out your cross country skis I miss read it and thought you did something like broke your arse or something. lol.

Nikker said...

Snow pictures are so great...when there someone elses! (0:
I love your barn!!
It's so frustrating when your horses are wet when it's snowing instead of "wearing" a snow blanket. You know they're cold... )0:

tainterturtles said...

Oh my, I can't imagine the horses standing out in the wet snow getting cold and shaking. Now I know why I see horses wearing blankets on their backs.

Stay warm Kellie, it's going to be brutal for the next few days.