Sunday, December 29, 2013

Balmy and more

Yesterday we got up to an incredible 43*!
After breakfast I spent the remainder of our daylight hours outside and it felt so good!

You know that first smell of spring?  That scent that is a promise of summer yet to come?  There was a hint of it in the air so I opened windows and aired this place out.  Should have hung some sheets out, but I didn't think of that until too late in the day. 

Chyann and I took a ride and it was wonderful!
We didn't go too far as a lot of the trails in our area are used for snowmachine riding and we could hear them in the distance roaring around. Which freaked Jenny out every once in a while. 

This picture may be a bit blurry, but it's one of my favorites. 

Too bad the weather is going to turn outrageously cold today, I'd miss the Packers game for another ride like we had yesterday. The high temp is going to be about 5* with some seriously blustery winds making for dangerous wind chill -20 to -35 AND this freezing/windy weather is apparently going to stick around till the end of next week. 

Tater decided to follow us on our ride. 
Hopping like a rabbit in the horses' tracks, she ended up going back home after about five minutes of that.

The rest of our day was spent cruising through the snow. 
We  had a blast. 

Poor Caden was totally tuckered out.
Of course no ride is complete without spending an hour or so after in the hot tub. 

A few pictures taken with my new camera - it's a Canon powershot with a great zoom - I was afraid to take it on our ride lol 
Guess I'll have to get over that, since it has the zoom and fast shutter speed I have been wanting for taking better action pictures and it's small enough to put in my jacket pocket.
Nothing too fancy, just a step up from my old camera. 

 The detail and colors seem a whole lot more vivid to me.

Only thing about it that irritates me is that other than a one page quick start guide no other documentation came with it. No actual manual or anything, however the quick start guide does direct you to their website and from there you can download a pdf manual. 

HELLO! I don't want to read that shit on the computer and it's almost 200 pages long so I definitely wont be printing that sucker out. 
I had in mind leisurely going through the manual learning all the new tricks and options sitting on the couch! NOT parked on my computer. 

Oh well, maybe I can download it to the kindle and sit on the couch with it.  
I say maybe because several times now I've attempted to download docs to my kindle only to find out the format is not supported by kindle - ugh. 


Happy Sunday.

Go Pack GO!


Ami said...

Spring? Oh man. I'm ready. Although I know winter just officially started.

Great photos. Don't be afraid to use your camera.

It's sort of like your grandma's china. If you leave it in the cabinet....

Nicole said...

We got hit with a cold streak too. Hubby went scuba diving yesterday and the water was 43 degrees. There's a New Year's Day dive that he wants to participate in. I think he's nuts. I'm soooo jealous you can sit in the hot tub. I can't now :(. poop! and I think you meant go Chiefs right ;). haha.

tainterturtles said...

Glad you and Chyann got out for a ride yesterday. Today was brutal with the cold temps and wind. Already looking forward to spring.

~mel said...

What a change in temps in a matter of days. It's bitter cold here. LOVE the pics:) Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you and yours!