Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

It's about -15 this morning.
Freaking cold out!
When I went out to feed the animals my eyelashes and nose hair froze.
The horses will not stay in the barn.
Does that mean they are just bone heads or are not really too cold?
No idea. 

I can say for the first time EVER that I am ready for Christmas!
Sure I've got a bit of wrapping left to do, but anything that had to be purchased or made is done!
Feels good to be able to say that. 
That is how I say relief/no stress for this holiday season.

Now I can focus on stressing for my upcoming trip lol
Which, if anyone is counting, is in 5 FREAKING days!

I had Colton bring home my good suitcase from school so I can start packing today.
Not that I'm really taking a lot, but still need to get shit organized. 
Decided I needed some new levi's though so we took a little trip to the local goodwill yesterday.
Two pairs of practically brand new levis for cheap!
Much better than trying to wear those crazy low waist-tiny zippered-made for someone who has no muffin top-expensive pants that everyone seems to be wearing.

No big plans here for the weekend. 

I am going to attempt to get everyone together for some kind of Christmas photo.
No idea how this task has gotten away from me for so long, but we always seem to be missing one of us for the picture. I am putting my foot down today though - when Chyann gets home we are taking the damn picture! NO if ands or Butts! 
I've thought about cutting/pasting the missing kid into a randomly selected photo just to get it done.

Caden and I are planning on making Christmas cookies too. 
Found a new recipe I'm going to try called Ms Clauses' lemon cookies.

Side note Caden had basketball practice last night and pushed to the edge of his limits and was quite sore in the feet last night. 

Picked up my new glasses this week too.
Love the lenses in them - no glare at night and crisp vision. The frames tho - ugh - they are ok. Feel like they are a smidge too wide for my face. Oh well, I'll get use to them some day.

Random photo from the past circa 2007
Caden wrestling with Grandpa and Chyann looking so young and sweet.
(yes that appears to be the back of my head) 

Anyhow have a wonderful Saturday.
Stay warm :)


tainterturtles said...

Wow, you're almost ready for Christmas? I'm way behind.

This cold weather is making me lazy. I need a kick in the ass to get me motivated for Christmas!

Ami said...

I am the president of the Department of Slackassery. Won't be ready for Christmas on time, I'm sure.

I hear ya on the photo thing. Hope you get everyone together for it.

And you COULD copy/paste everyone's face into one of the things available online. Elves and stuff.

Love the thrift store bargains for sure.

Nicole said...

Sadly my iPhone died a few months ago so I lost a lot of information, but I had a website where you could get glasses for $20. If I find that place I'll send you the link :). negative 15... feels like or actual temp? We've had a few feels like that days but if that's actual temps.... YIKES! Yup, glad I live south of you... lol.