Sunday, December 22, 2013

AK part 2

This is Duchess. 
I don't think I've ever seen a cat as big as her.
She was the sweetest, always wanting pets and love.
In the morning when we'd all gather around the kitchen table drinking coffee and I'd marvel that a cat could be this big and yet agile at the same time - she can jump and go where she wants. What a cat. 

The place to be at my brothers house was around the kitchen table.
We spent hours upon hours gathered there talking and laughing.

Of course while I was in AK it snowed over a foot.
Jeff and I were at my Dad's favorite restaurant for drinks when I saw this guy walk by.
I couldn't believe he was dressed to ride a motorcycle, so I followed him outside and as he was getting ready to pull away asked if I could take his picture.
Apparently he rides this motorcycle 365 days a year.

Jeff, Dad, me and Jeanne
I had a great time meeting all their friends, that have over the years became like family to them.
You couldn't meet a nicer bunch of folks.
Never had a better margarita too, made Mexican style - delicious!

 We ended up taking a taxi home back to Jeff's place and it was a harrowing ride!
The roads were completely shitty, we slid all over and I wondered if we'd make it in one piece.
Thankfully we did.

Caden had his first concert this last week too.
He played the sax like a pro.

and sang some fun Christmas songs.

Caden and his best buddy after the concert.

Yesterdays basketball practice.
Their first game is on the 4th of Jan.
I can't wait!
He is still struggling w/the Sever's but doing well.

Alas it's Sunday.
Pretty decent weather here, not sure what we'll do.
Maybe get out the snowmachine and ride.



~mel said...

Merry Christmas! Have fun enjoying the holiday season with family and friends :)

tainterturtles said...

Glad you could spend time with your family Kellie. I'm sure your kids & hubby were happy to see you come back from AK.

Nicole said...

A ride on a snow machine?!?! I'm in! :). So a guy rides a motorcycle 365 days per year, yikes!