Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AK 3 The Master

So the reason behind my trip to AK was my brother and his installation as the Worshipful Master in his Mason group.

What is a Mason?
A Mason is a fraternity of men dedicated to doing good works. 
For instance Masons raise money selling onions and donate the money raised for charitable purposes like medical care for those that do not have insurance, scholarships and a host of other very worthy causes.

My brother is the first in our family to be a Mason and I'll admit I do not really understand a lot of it, but I will say being apart of this unique fraternity makes him incredibly happy. 

Jeff waiting for the Installation to begin.

My sister in law Elizabeth's' Uncle Chuck is an 11th generation Mason, going all the way back to George Washington time, and came up from Washington state to preform the Installation for my brother. 

Not sure if it was the high ceilings in the room, but a lot of my pictures turned out grainy or blury - ugh.

After he was installed he gave a wonderful speech about his plans for the lodge in the coming year. 
Jeff is quite dramatic in his speaking and really put on a good show. 
I've got to say though that I bawled practically the whole time.
Why? I guess I was just so proud of him. 
He was incredibly well spoken, confident and sure of himself. 
And damned if he wasn't absolutely handsome too. 

My nephew Cody is also joining the ranks as a Mason.

After a fantastic steak dinner that he put together we went back to the lodge for pictures.

 Our family. 

And Cody's lovely wife Kelly who took professional pictures of the Installation for Jeff. 

I love you Jeff!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to be there with you during this epic time in your life!


Anonymous said...

Looking good! thanks for the explanation... Except..whats with the aprons?



tainterturtles said...

How wonderful Kellie. I'm so glad that you could spend time with your brother and his family. I've heard of Mason's but never really know anything about what they do. Thanks for explaining. Love the photos and you look so cute in your black dress!

Kellie said...

The apron stands for purity - like to live your life so that no stain of dishonor will show upon the apron. Symbolic of living a good clean life I guess.

Nicole said...

Hey, that's sooooo awesome!