Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year - a little late

No idea where the time goes, but it does. 
I barely got used to writing 2013 on checks and now it's time to start writing 2014. 

No resolutions for me this year, just try to maintain my shit. 
Keep it all together. 
No more no less. 

Once again it's colder than hell here. 
News man said the other day we had a streak of 68 hours below zero. 
Warmed up for about a day and a half and now we are back in the deep freeze. 

Schools in the area are already cancelled for tomorrow. 
The state of MN has cancelled all school and stated if you don't have to go out, then say in. 
I'm guessing our state will be announcing something similar soon too. 

Today's high temp is -9 with a low tonight of -30. Tomorrow is even worse with -17 being the high and warming up a little over night to maybe -20. Course throw in some stinking wind and we've got wind chills from -30 to -60. 
Freaking cold folks. 

If the system maintains it pattern maybe we'll be above zero by Wednesday. 
Fingers crossed. 

Caden had his first basketball tournament yesterday. 
We got up at the crack of dawn to travel an hour South.

There are 14 kids on the team, so to me it seemed just when the group of boys who were on the floor got a rhythm going it was time to switch out the group. 

Caden's group getting ready to go in during the first game. 

I'm not all that impressed with my new camera, I'll fiddle with it some more - see if I can get it to preform the way I want. 

Caden made two baskets!

Resting and talking some strategy.

Got fowled and made one of his two free throws. 

Throwing the ball in during the second game. 

They played four games with a little over an hour between games. 
Unfortunately they lost all four games, but sure gave it their all and played well.
Good learning experience for the whole team. 
They know the areas they need to work on now and hopefully can put it together for the next tournament this coming Saturday. 

We even had a little birthday part for one of the boys' who's birthday was yesterday. 
It was a great basketball day all in all. 
I love to see Caden play.
He is so quick and gets right in there.

His severs bothered him a bit last night, but with some ice felt better. 
I was sure worried his feet would really hurt and he'd not be able to play, but he knows he's got to stop if it gets too bad so he doesn't end up back in the boot. 
No way does he want that again.

In total he had 17 points.
5 the first out of 15
4 the second out of 14
4 the third out of 30 - almost won that game!
4 the fourth out of 14

Stay warm folks :)


tainterturtles said...

Stay warm Kellie. Glad Caden enjoyed his basketball tournament. No school tomorrow and the library will also be closed.

Nicole said...

Dang that sounds like a lot of kids on a bball team. Were all the teams like that? What kind of camera did you get, I forgot.