Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where's my endurance? Where's my strength?

Funny how this last week flew by without me even realizing it. 

The surgery on Monday went well my Doc says.
A few issues getting my junk out the designated areas, but all in all good.
I've got four inch long incisions that are above my belly button and they appear to be healing as expected. 
Those incisions don't really hurt, but itch so I'm not really sure where the pain comes from.
Maybe the cut muscles inside? No idea, I just know that if I'm upright for more than say 10 minutes the pressure and pain begin to soar. 
So I go lay down and end up taking a nap. Sometimes for hours at a time.

My pain has mostly been controlled using regular ibuprofen and have only had to get the big numbing/constipating rx out when I have gotten ambitious and decide to do dishes or something you'd think would be easy and not super taxing on my body to do.

I wonder where my strength and endurance went.

I've watched more television and movies than I have ever wanted to watch.
I've read a few good books on the kindle.
I've yacked on the phone till my ear is sweaty and the battery died - I've had the best conversations with my Mother. 

I got a deal in the mail on Friday that I think my Doc was supposed to send to my insurance company. It said projected time off from work until Oct 23rd.
I about freaked!
I know she said I could go back in two weeks.
Have to find out about that when I see her on Tuesday because if I'm really going to be out that long I'll have to find a project or something to do to keep me occupied.

Two options come to mind. 
That quilt I started for Caden about five years ago or print a shit load of pictures and do scrap booking.

All in all?
I'm going to say so far so good.
Everyone I've talked to says it's the best thing they've done and feel like a million bucks afterwards.

Yesterday was my first outing.
We went to Caden's football game. 

How about these gorgeous trees?
I love the maple on the right. That red is so vivid against the green - amazing! 
The leaves started turning with that one branch that is to the right of Caden and the color is spreading upwards.

Do all Maple trees turn colors differently? Seems to me they do.
Like this one starts at the top and the colors work their way down.

Talked my elder children into coming to the game.
Neither of them wanted to get up, but I finally got them moving.

Can't you just hear her saying "put the camera away Mom!"

Caden had a close game, but unfortunately his team lost 21 to 14. 
He made one touchdown and when he was QB threw an interception (however I'd say the interception was more the receiver stood there and didn't REACH for the ball and the boy covering the receiver zoomed in and caught it). He was bummed, but said we'll get them next week. 
Our other fifth grade team won their game though. 

Caden catching a bumbled hike from the center when he was QB.

On the way home we saw a line of tractors.
Not sure what they were up to, I'm guessing a benefit or some such?

So, I was out of the house a total of 1 hour and 45 min.
I didn't do anything, but sit on my arse, take pictures and run my mouth..
This exertion equaled a four hour nap and one movie watched before I had the energy to get up and do anything.
Ish - I hate feeling weak like this.

Also if you are interested, my favorite movie this week has been the Life of Pi.
Loved it.

Many many thanks to Sherri for the hot dish!
You wouldn't believe how much we appreciated it!
I'm going to have to get that recipe from you, because it was delicious :) xoxox

Alright, I'm off to the couch.
Have a good one.


Ami said...

I'm making lasagna, I'd love to make one for your family, too. But there's that pesky distance thing....

Love the picture of your daughter. She has such an expressive face and gee, I wonder where she gets the 'tude?

Feel better soon, take it easy on yourself.


~mel said...

So the Get Up and Go has Got Up and Gone ... I sooooooooooooo know the feeling. Hang in there and try not to overdo ~ as I'm going through the same thing right now ... testing my patience every day and feeling a bit stronger as time goes by.

tainterturtles said...

Good to see your post Kellie. I'm glad your surgery went well. Just remember not to overdo, and let yourself heal ok?

Aunt Krissy said...

I remember those times too. A walk to the mail box meant a 1 hour nap!
Enjoy them while you can! It will be back to the work grind soon enough. love you

Nikker said...

You're tougher than you think! Only using Ibuprofen for your pain most days... WOW! When my mom had her hyster, I rode her like an old nag, making her keep up on her RX's and prune juice...It was rough for her and the rest of us. (0:
I too love the maples! We've got a couple here, but I fear when (and if) we get around to working on our yard next year, they may meet an end...)0: Most maple leaves are toxic to horses, so I will keep telling myself that if the day comes we do take ours out.
Take care and enjoy your naps while you can!!

Lyndylou said...

Your body is telling you that you need that rest that's why you are taking so many naps :) It will get easier as you regain your strength after major surgery.

I just love this time of year when the trees start turning and those Maples are gorgeous!

Hope you feel better soon, love and hugs to you and yours xxx

Nicole said...

Yup, I believe predominately the pain is from the muscles aching from being cut. When it's itching, that means it's healing :). Nope, not a doctor, just my aunt is and I bug her with questions a lot :)