Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another school year

We got Colton all moved in at UWRF on Monday. 
Met his roommate, who is from a suburb of the cities and he seems like a nice kid. 
Took another tour of the campus. Checking out where all Colton's classes will be, the cafeteria, library and all that.
I did ever so much better this year than I did last year. 
The water works only turned on just as we were leaving, pretty good eh?

The kids posing in front of Colton's dorm.

And the next day in front of the school mascot.
Chyann again gave us a huge amount of grief about taking the picture at school.
She's way too cool for this crap I guess. 
One day she'll appreciate the memories I guarantee it.

Tuesday afternoon when I got off work I helped the Hubby load our last two cows up in the trailer.
Definitely was a scary endeavor.
Seemed like waaay too much COW in our little trailer.
Course they had never been in a trailer before hence the thrashing about that ensued, making me think the damn thing would just fall apart.
The Hubby assured me that the trailer may look like it's rickety, but that he had totally re-enforced the whole thing from top to bottom and there was no chance of it falling apart.
Once they got some hay in front of them and fly spray applied to their backs they settled right down.

I didn't realize until I saw them side by side in the trailer how much bigger the steer was.

The Hubby hauled the steer to the butcher and the heifer to the neighbors place to run with his bull.
So now when folks stop to tell us cows are out one of ours just might be. 
Don't tell the Hubby, but it sure is nice to have them gone.
Course he says we really need to thin down the horse herd now - yeah I know.

So, I think I've mentioned before our house is an older one. 
The stairs can be treacherous and yesterday I discovered just how treacherous when I fell down them.
No idea how or why.
I just coming down them like I normally do and BOOM!
Next thing I know I'm at the bottom stunned.
Freaked Caden out pretty good.
He ran screaming for the Hubby.
 Chyann showed up first and wanted to call 911.
By the time Caden and the Hubby get back I'm a little more with it and discern that nothing is broken so no 911.
I do however have a right elbow that is about four times it's normal size black/blue and the absolute nastiest looking bruise on my right butt cheek. It's is spectacular. If I didn't think it would make folks puke I might have posted a picture, it's just that bad - shudder.
Oh and a bruise on my foot, two knots on my head.
Hell of a tumble.
Been a bit of a scardy cat going up and down those stairs today I tell you.
Sore. sore.sore.sore.sore.
I can't even tell you how freaking sore.
Everything aches.
This morning when I woke up I could hardly move.
Two advil and some coffee later I thought I might live.

toodles :)


tainterturtles said...

What???? Kellie, you're not suppose to fall down the stairs at your age. My girlfriend fell down her basement stairs and had to have ankle surgery! You are so lucky that you didn't break any bones. Scary for sure....hope the swelling goes down.

Nikker said...

Wow! That sounds like a doozey of a spill, hope you recover quickly.
I'd be a bit leery of two cows in a small horse trailer too! (0: Glad they made it to their destinations safely.
Hope everyone has a great school year!!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness. That sounds like a treacherous fall! How's the elbow now?