Thursday, September 19, 2013


As usual I'm behind.
Trying to get all my shit sorted out and in line.
Everyday has been extremely busy.
Between the canning, running around for the kids, the usual house keeping/laundry/cooking, riding horses, cleaning the barn and the exercise thing.
I'm tired.
And to make it even worse I'm not sleeping well at night.
It's really pissing me off.
I fall asleep right away then wake up.
Toss turn.
Toss turn.
Toss turn.
Get up, go pee.
Fall asleep for an hour or two.
Go lay down in my office to minimize disturbing the Hubby.
Toss turn
Finally doze off as the Hubby is going to work.
Sleep like the dead until he calls me at 5:15a.
I don't wanna get up.
You'd think with all this exercise crap I'd be worn out and totally zonk out at night.
But NO.


We are getting some much needed rain and a few thunder storms.
I love it.
Today while I was working I could see this huge dark cloud coming my way.
I raced through the house closing all the windows except the one in my office.
FYI -  it was freaking HUMID as hell today before the storms.
Raced back upstairs to my office and watched it roll in.
First the wind picked up and the smell - it was incredible. Can't even describe it.
Then the thunder starts rolling - BOOM!
And the rain.

I got all my tomato's turned into salsa on Sunday and even caught the last late game.
The only canning left for me is to do some pickled jalapenos and sweet banana peppers.
Then I'm done.

A shout out to my dear Alaskan friend Rose who had a Birthday on the 16th! xoxo

Caden has somehow gotten ringworm on his scalp, just above his right ear a bald spot about the size of a silver dollar.
It's a fungus NOT a damn worm as the name suggests.
3 mos of oral RX to cure that shit and the hair he lost may not grow back for 6 to 12 months!
No idea where he caught it from.
The docs had a list as long as your arm of possible ways of transmission.
He has his first football game on Saturday and I can't wait!

Last nights exercise class was tough.
Imagine extreme cardio with one of those huge balance balls.
My tendinitis made holding onto that ball a challenge, but I managed it.
And the sweat. Incredible.
I had shin splints today lol
Only one more class before my surgery on Monday.
Sure hate to loose all the ground I've gained.
Double damn, but what can you do.

Off to make the donuts - errr dinner.
Have a nice evening.


tainterturtles said...

I think my head is spinning from reading your blog post. Kellie, you are soooooo busy! Yes, the rain was much needed today.

tainterturtles said...

I think my head is spinning from reading your blog post. Kellie, you are soooooo busy! Yes, the rain was much needed today.

Nikker said...

When we were kids we used to get it from the barn cats. I don't recall ever having it in my hair... Poor kid! (0:
I haven't slept well lately...but it's because we had our baby! (0:
Saying a little prayer for you and a good outcome with your surgery.
Take care!!

Aunt Krissy said...

So sorry that you can't sleep! I know how you feel. I take a sleeping (OTC) aid most nights. i go to sleep just fine. it's the STAYING that I can't seem to do. I hope that you can get it worked out.

Ami said...

Wait, surgery? WTH did I miss??

Nicole said...

We're finally getting some cooler weather but we sure could use some of your rain! Wow I just looked out the windows of the Library, the clouds are gorgeous right now. Totally random but you made me think of the weather :)