Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

.We had a frost warning last night.
Didn't get any, but I bet it was close. 

Friday evening it was beautiful. 
Farmers have begun harvesting the corn, I hear it's a pretty dismal crop in our area.

Interesting clouds eh?

Colton drove us to my friend Sherri's on Friday night. 
We had a fantastic time visiting, laughing and even singing/dancing.
Thank you Sherri! You are the BEST xo

Stayed up waaaay too late, but somehow managed to drag my ass out of bed at 620a to make it to the exercise class.
Exercising first thing after an evening of indulgence is incredibly difficult.
The first 15 minutes I was sure my legs had 50 pound weights attached to them, but after the sweating began it turned into the best work out ever. 

Home to shower and then headed to Caden's first football game. 

They split the boys up into two teams and each team played the 6th grade boys.
Caden's team won with him making two touchdowns and the other lost by one touchdown.
YAY Caden! He was super stoked!!

I've about got all my ducks in a row in preparation for tomorrow. 
However a friend gave me a five gallon pail full of apples that I should do something with and I think we'll be tarping the pool today. 
Must get in a horse ride too and make some soup for Colton to take back to school. 

Have a good day :)


tainterturtles said...

The happy hour at Sherri's looked like fun Kellie. Hey, good luck tomorrow. Hope you have some books to read for your down time.

Love your cloud pictures.

Nicole said...

We need to tarp our pool, sounds like you're an expert, come on down! :). Wow those cloud pictures are gorgeous! and it still seems weird we're already in full swing of football season here and you guys are just at your first game. Crazy how the schedules are so slightly off from each other :)