Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last night

 I fell asleep to the sound of rain (and it was a good soaking rain).
It's been some time since that has happened - probably a good two months. 
It's still drizzling some this morning too. 
It's a bit cool out and I've got the windows open - I sure love the smell of rain. 

The leaves around here are starting to turn some.
A combination of drought stress and it is freaking September.

There have been bees everywhere recently.
I couldn't believe how many this patch of flowers had on it. 
It was literally alive with the buzzing of bees.

Yesterday was jam packed. 
I hauled myself up at at the crack of dawn to go to the gym.
Wore my pedometer and got an incredible 6000 steps in the space of an hour!
Now that is what I call a productive hour.

Came home and started on the cucumbers.
I thought I was done with cucumber/pickles, but the kids have gone through most of what I made back in July already so I called around and found that one of Colton's friends mother had good cukes yet. 
I bought a five gallon bucket for seven bucks from her. 
Yeah some of them were a little bigger than I'd like, but I made it work. 
The biggest ones I'll be making relish with today and the medium ones I sliced and did up two batches of sweet and hot. Then made two different recipes for kosher dills. 

14 quarts of kosher and 4 quarts/8 pints of sweet and hot.
Soon as I get off this computer I'm getting after those tomato's to make salsa. 

Went to a wedding reception last night for our Hay guys stepson. 
It was nice, the food was good and we were home relatively early.

Alright, time to get busy with these tomato's if I'm going to get any football in today.

Later :)


Ami said...
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Ami said...

Holy cow woman! What are you taking that makes you so efficient? I want some!!!

tainterturtles said...

Wow Kellie, you are a busy lady. Good job on all the canning. Love your veggie pictures!

Nicole said...

Holy cow, your kids must love pickles. dang! my grandma made some and sent to our house for Tori 3 years ago. She loves them but isn't around enough to eat them so we still have some :)