Sunday, September 1, 2013


September 1st.

I am surely not ready for summer to be over. 
With the late start to spring and all, summer just flew by way too fast

However I will say that there are three things that I'm looking forward to:
relief from these rotten ass allergies
trying out my new skis
football season - both Caden's league and the NFL.

Caden starts practice on Thursday - we can't wait!

I didn't get a hell of a lot accomplished yesterday, but we did find Colton a decent laptop.
Packed up some food and other essentials for him to take too.
Even with a food/meal plan at college he still needs some food for the dorm to snack on and a cheap coffee maker.
Colton is planning on just bringing the bare essentials with him on this first trip to school tomorrow. He want's to see what the new roommate brought so they don't have a lot of extra junk in the dorm or stuff he has to haul back home.
All his classes start at 8am, which is good. 
Get him back on a decent schedule.
He's always had a tough time finding a good sleep routine and working those 2nd and 3rd shifts over the summer did not help at all. 

Chyann and Caden had an open house at the school earlier in the week.
Meet your teacher(s), find your desk/locker and all that.
Was nice to see a lot of familiar faces. 

Chyann has been thinking a lot about college over the summer.
At least once a week she gets literature from one college or another.
Now instead of an astrophysicist she is leaning towards being a doctor of psychology.
I told her she has plenty of time to make a decision on what to do, relax a little.


Caden had a lot of fun helping Grandpa when we were in OK.
He loaded trash for a run to the dump.

Course Chyann had to drive.

The kids took a walk with Mom to the mailbox.

Can you believe the height of those calla lilies?
Must be all the fertilizer from the guinea hens.

Grandpa and the Hubby rounded up the bull and a cow to take to auction.
Last year all those paddocks were red dirt,  it was so dry out and look at it this year. Nice and green with tall grass.  




tainterturtles said...

I know....where did August go? It was a good summer, but I hate to see it end. Today's cool temps felt really good.

I'm sure Colton was looking forward to going back to college. Party time mom!!!

Ami said...

I can't believe summer's over already either!!

Our school starts on the 9th, but the district I live in starts on Tuesday.

I am looking forward to getting back to the routine, but I will never love getting up at 5. :)

Nicole said...

Yup, she needs to relax! There are some 40 year olds who still don't know what they want to do :). Heck I'm changing career paths at 30 :(