Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor day and other fun

It's the big move in day.
I'm putting off waking everyone up as long as possible.
My last day to have them all tucked in safe and sound and exactly where they are supposed to be. 

Yesterday was full.
I managed to get together enough tomato's from the garden and make my first batch of salsa. 
It's delicious!

Since the big cows are gone we opened the run from behind the barn down to the front pasture. 
The horses are loving it.

We had some guy stop yesterday evening to tell us there were cows up on the road, not sure why everyone assumes they are ours, but there you go. 
The Hubby and Caden took the three wheeler out to round them up since the guy who owns them was out of town. 

And of course Chyann had to jump on the nearest horse and get in on the action. 
Only took them about 15 minutes to get them all rounded up. 

The boys hanging out, watching Chyann ride in since she decided to take an alternate route home.

View from the back porch last night.
Sure was beautiful.

The kids visited and laughed all evening.

Wanting to make the most of Colton's last night at home I'm guessing.

I suppose I had better get moving.

Have a good Labor day.


tainterturtles said...

You're such a great mom Kellie. I hope the kids enjoyed their Labor Day together.

Can't believe the kids go back to school and college tomorrow.

Aunt Krissy said...

Love the pic of all the kids sitting there. Wish I was there to eat that yummy salsa.

miss you xxoo

Nicole said...

I'd say your horses looked like they were enjoying themselves! Hope you guys had a great last weekend all together. Crazy that your kids haven't started school yet. The schools around here started the week before I started College on the 19th.