Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

YAY for Saturday!

Once again for a short week it sure seemed like a long one.

The kids all made it through the first week of school with smiles on their faces. 
Caden had a little bit of math homework everyday, Chyann has not had a bit of homework at all and Colton says he has about three hours of homework a day.
He came home yesterday afternoon.
Ever so nice to see his smiling face. 

There will be no exercise class for me this AM as I'm still attempting to recover from my slip down the stairs. 
I've missed some good riding with Chyann this week because of it. 

I also decided not to do the twister run 5K today - it would be way too much for my achy parts.
Caden is still going to run the one mile though. 

We've got a citywide thrift sale going on too so as soon as he's done we are hitting them.
Not that we need anything, but it'll be fun.
Then the Fireman's Parade, which Chyann'll be marching in with the band. 

 Who knows what the rest of the day will hold. 
Maybe I'll make more salsa.

Have a nice day :)


tainterturtles said...

It was nice bumping into you today at the first annual Colfax thrift sale....the sales were great!

Jill and I headed out of town 10 minutes before the big parade started. Wow, tons of people down town waiting for the parade to start. And all those people are sitting there in the HOT sun. How can that be fun???

Nikker said...

Sorry you're missing out on some great riding! The weather's finally riding weather here too...
Hope you keep recovering and can get back to normal soon!
I LOVE thrift sales, there is always something that I didn't know that I needed available! (0:
Hope the kid's second week goes just a good!!

PAK ART said...

I do love catching up on your family. When I read the hubby wants you to thin the horse herd, I immediately thought of Casper and how much I would love to take him to my new farm in MO, but that's still at least 5 years away.

Lisa said...

Salsa? Did you say Salsa????!!!!

Nicole said...

Totally agree, last week seemed sooooooooo long!