Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's all Greek to me.

It's beautiful here.

I took a little walk around the place yesterday.
The horses were out mowing. 
The wind was blowing and that scary new tarp on the pool was freaking them out.
It was actually kinda funny, they'd be intent on eating and suddenly bolt for the front yard - only to meander back a minute later carefully skirting the pool. 
Took them about a half hour to realize it was only a tarp and not an animal intent on eating them.
Gypsy relaxed enough to turn her back to the pool and graze contently. 

Jennifer munching apples.
Shasta kept attempting to get Jenny's apple scraps and almost got flattened by her. 

So, the doc said an additional week off for me.
Which puts me back working on the 14th of Oct.
She said it's better to be absolutely sure I'm ready for work rather than might be ready, because there is no going back once I'm working again. Does that make sense?
Sitting here procrastinating about calling the boss to tell him.
Not that I think he'll give me grief, but still I am dreading the conversation.

Have I told you that I had never had a flu shot before?
Well in a RX haze somehow I said ok to the flu shot when they told me I really needed one after having been in the hospital.
Damn that sucker hurt! My arm is finally feeling better a week later. 
Did I really need it since I've never had the "flu" before? I wonder what my chances are now of getting/not getting the flu?
Any thoughts on this?
Do you get the flu shot?
What has been your experience with it?

Favorite thing this week is Greek yoguart.
It's like eating delicious frosting without the cake!
I love it!

later :)


Aunt Krissy said...

I love greek yoguart too, but I don't think i would call it frosting! Unless you are getting the kind that has honey or fruit in it? I like mine plain and then add frz blueberries. better to be sure like the DR says, that's what you pay them for! Love you and miss you!

tainterturtles said...

The flu shot? I've gotten one for 20+ years now. No reaction, just a little soreness in the arm. The flu shot keeps me healthy all through the winter months. I recommend it to everyone, even children!

Nikker said...

I've gotten the flu shot in the past, with no problems. Since I've left the health care profession, I haven't gotten one...nor I have I gotten the flu. (0:
Mmmm, tasty Greek Yogurt!! (0:

Nicole said...

My MIL works in a hospital and they make her get the flu shot. I've never had it though.

Nicole said...

Oh and just so you know some info about the flu shot because why not... they watch what Asia has had 6 months prior and that's what our strain treated for here is because of trade winds and travel. It also only protects you from the big strains so you could still possibly get it if the strain you were vaccinated for isn't the one you've gotten.