Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

I woke up at 5a this morning panicked that I was late!
Late for what I didn't know, but late for something.
Aaah the exercise class is at 7, but I'm not going today.
I had a failed biopsy yesterday at the hospital.
By failed I mean the doc was unable to get the necessary samples she needed to examine so I'm going to be having a hysterectomy in the near future.
The whole sheebang is coming out, from what I groggily remember in the recovery room. 
Just lovely.
Of course the busiest time of year at work is coming up and I just burned through the majority of my accrued PTO.
No biggie, we'll figure it out.
Feeling pretty good today, except for a rotten sore throat that I'm guessing is from the anesthesia tube. 

In other news...

Colton's laptop stopped working on Wednesday and the computer wizard guys think it's possibly a mother board problem - which will be almost as spendy to replace as getting a new laptop.
Course he didn't get the extended warranty when he bought it and the manufacture warranty is out as well. 
Looks like today we'll be shopping for a new one since apparently you need a laptop at college like you need your right hand and he is leaving on Monday.
For school he requested and got the same dorm room from last year.
New room mate of course.

Wisconsinites are big on recycling.
We recycle just about everything you can recycle.
Especially aluminum. 
We've been holding onto about three years worth of aluminum and storing them in the back of the dump truck.
Yes, we have a dump truck - doesn't everyone?
Anywho, it took three years to fill up the back and the Hubby made a deal with Caden to re-sack all the cans and he'd get the money.
Caden spent a few hours on Wednesday evening and a few hours on Thursday morning getting them ready so when the Hubby came home they could haul them off.
He got a whopping 150 bucks!
The kid is thrilled with this windfall of his, making all kinds of plans on how to spend it.

While in Oklahoma of course Mom and I played numerous games of scrabble.
 Both Chyann and Caden decided they wanted to play as well and every evening we had some super charged games.

Mom and Gerry's dogs are the very definition of lapdogs.

They moved from one lap to the next throughout our games.

My lovely Mother

Later :)


tainterturtles said...

Hey Kellie, sorry that I've been out of the blogging loop. I'm so glad to hear you had a nice time visiting your mom.

Surgery? Yikes!!! Keep us posted and let me know if you need books to read during your recovery.

Chyann looks beautiful with her braces

I miss Krissy too.

Nikker said...

So sorry to hear that you're headed for a hysterectomy. Fingers crossed that you'll fly through your procedure and the healing process!
So glad you all had a great time with your parents!

Nicole said...

Oh no... a hysterectomy... No bueno :( So sorry to hear that. Hopefully though it'll be a good thing in the end! Of course a mother board is that expensive, because why not... lol. grrrr... sometimes they make those warranties so that just after they expire, you need to replace it! turds :)