Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend fun

The trip to the our friends' place was good.

The kids had a great time throwing water balloons.

Our friends live right behind the school.
The ol' grandma who lived next to the school sold her
house to the school and the school is planning on tearing
the house down and putting in a parking lot.

We went over to the ol' grandma's backyard and raided
the flower beds.

These are my beauties.
Not quite sure where I'm going to plant them, but I'll
find a place.

They roasted a pig for the big feast in this cooker.

Pig almost done.

The kids also had fun in their pool as it was a HOT day!

The backyard was shaded with a gorgeous Beech tree and
two birch trees so it stayed nice and cool
with the tree shade and breeze, but
once you strayed from the shade it was outrageously hot!

We came home early yesterday am and as soon as we pulled
into the yard it started raining

and it rained most of the day.
The humidity made the couch and carpets feel damp.
Was good napping weather if you had
a fan going.

Back to the grind today.
The garden is calling me to pull weeds,
the lawn once again needs to be mowed,
have to plant those flowers somewhere.
Chyann is already this morning wanting to
ride horses so I'm sure we'll do that too.

Casey is having more movement in her feet now.
When you squeeze her toe she will move her
whole foot out your hand.
That's good, right?


tainterturtles said...

Your 4th of July sounded nice. Wow, that pig looked tasty...never ate a roast pig!

It was steamy hot here too, especially Saturday. We all drank, and drank all day. Yes, a few of those drinks were of alcohol nature!!!!

Try Sand Creek Hard Lemonade. It's a not so sweet hard lemonade with a little beer flavor too, really good.

Dar said...

Nice 4th, we were on the wet roads headed home, missing parades, cookouts and cool drinks. The pool still is not set up, but, sure should be. Gotta get on that one. Sure would have been nice to cool off there after a couple hrs. in the garden this morning. Loved your entry...real down home kind of 4th like I love. Right down to horseback riding and roast pig. OMG, I'm hungry now.

Aunt Krissy said...

I don't like how that pole is up in that pigs you know what. It looks bad!

PAK ART said...

Yummmm roast pig. I can't even look at the rest of the pics because I'm salivating over roast pig.