Friday, July 16, 2010

Bad bulls and spuds

While taking down laundry yesterday I spied these
rotten little calves taking a siesta in the garden!

They look so innocent, but they're not!

All I can say at this point is at least they aren't eating anything, yet!

Spent most of yesterday cleaning out the barn and trying to
right my plants out in the garden.

When the Hubby came home he thought we should dig up some
spuds and see how they were doing.

He dug up 2 Yukon golds and 1 Pontiac red
and WOW we have some good product growing.

Ate most of the Yukon's for dinner last night and they were

So far I've only seen 1 adult potato beetle.
No larvae and no signs they are eating and I'm just
not seeing them.

However I am seeing some leaves turning brown in odd
places and did some reading up on it. Apparently we have
hopper burn caused by the leaf hopper bug feeding on the leaves.
They are a bit of a nuisance and you can spray for them, but
at this time it's not widespread and I'd like to keep them
organic if I can.


tainterturtles said...

Oh, those babies look so cute. How could you be mad at them...come on Kellie!!!!

Your vegetables look beautiful.

crochet lady said...

Maybe those fella's were craving some cool green shade.

Axeholme said...

That is the cutest dang photo every - your calves. Awwww.