Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The builder and her tail, it does wag!

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day.
Caden building in the garage while his Daddy worked
on something.
He says he is making me a new coffee table.
Nice tool belt full of goodies.

Now Chyann, with her forced rest period is finding all this
quiet "terrible, horrible and no one should have to be made to
endure this during the summer when you are supposed
to be having fun!!!"

Really she is quite bored.

We took Casey out for some air and had some fun though.
That is Chuck Norris laying by her too.

Chyann decided this would be a good time for some
more practice standing.

Gotta get those legs in just the right position for her to
bear weight.

Then what do her eye's see?
Casey was wagging her tail!

Very slowly at first then
with some speed!!

We were amazed!!

Chyann was just over come with emotion.
Casey looks pretty pleased with herself, doesn't she.

BeeGee came over to see what all the ruckus was.

And She and Casey started playing!

Again Chyann was overcome.
Broke my heart to watch her.

I think she was just soo pleased to see
Casey doing doggy stuff after soo long.

Then Casey had to clean out BeeGee's ears.

After the ear cleaning BeeGee came over and laid
by me.
We tried to coax Casey into walking over on her own
and with a little help she hobbled over.

BeeGee watching Casey.

She's like, see I told you she could do it.

I got some better sleep last night so I hope this cycle of sleeplessness is over.

Happy Humpday!


Aunt Krissy said...

How wonderfull! That is good to see. Also, can't wait to see your new coffee table!

crochet lady said...

Happy times! Hope you get some rest.