Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bears, dogs, cows, goats and curious horses

Yesterday coming home from the library the kids and I saw
a HUGE black bear not far from our house!

It was getting ready to cross the road about 25 feet in front of us!
I got on the breaks and started honking the horn!
It turned around and stared back up the embankment to
a corn field then he/she turned back to look at us
and just watched us as we drove slowly by.

The kids were very excited to have seen a bear so close to home.
Me, not so much.
He/she could be out there in the forest/fields when we are riding
horses. That scares me to pieces!!

Caden's dog BeeGee going after a mole at the edge of
the big garden.
Don't know if she ever got the mole, but she sure got
a deep hole dug.

Chyann watching the goats with the horses.

The horses were introduced to the goats and
boy are they curious about them.
The goats had no interest or fear in the horses.

Peanut butter got hauled to our local butcher.
She had gotten too mean and with those horns
we weren't taking any chances trying to keep her
around to try and breed her again.

Sad eyes, but that is the circle of life - right?

Chyann has been riding Scotch a lot and he is doing much
better for her.

Big storms are forecast for this afternoon.
Hope they aren't too bad.


Aunt Krissy said...

My ex babies look like they are doing good in their new home.

The cows eyes did not look sad to me. They looked like she had the devil in her!

crochet lady said...

I'd be freaked out about the bear too!

Dar said...

We have a lot of bear and there are more and more huge ones every year, like over 5-600 lbs. We have 2 big ones in our back woods that have been seen crossing our field. I 'used to' walk to the cabin which is only 3/4ths a mile, but now I always take the 4-wheeler or the truck...of course, the cougar could be the reason too...and the wolves...eiyiyi
we have the critters. Just beware! The bear are usually more afraid of us than we are of them but the scent of them to a horse will make him head for the barn in a hurry, so hang on.
BlessYourHearts....oh, I love the names of all of the animals...and I'll bet Peanut Butter will be great on the grill.

PAK ART said...

The little goats look very happy in their new home. Isn't it funny how the horses are so curious? Tim would have been following that bear with a gun. Bear sausage is very yummy!