Saturday, July 24, 2010

Casper and good things

Casper had to stop and smell the flowers.
Isn't that just the cutest picture of him?

I got some great pictures of the horses and Chyann riding Scotch last night.

Yesterday was just gorgeous!

The day was made even better with the news that I did get the full-time permanent job at the insurance company!

A good wage, HEALTH insurance (not that we don't already have it through the Hubby, but two is always better than one, right?) that will start on Sept 1st, 401K, 18 days PTO a year, 8 paid holidays off, TONS of OT avail in the busy times, opportunity to work from home in 6-9 months, room for advancement, and BONUS' twice a year!

What more can you ask for in this economy?

I start on Aug 9th.

The hours are from 930a to 6p

I'll be able to get the kids off for school and the hubby will be here when they get home.


My Mother and Gerry are coming for a visit this Friday!

I can't wait!

Have a good weekend!


PAK ART said...

That is WONDERFUL news! Having a good job sure helps to get through life's stresses. And that is the cutest pic of a horse I've ever seen. It looks like a fairy land!

crochet lady said...

So happy you got the job you wanted!

Casper does seem to have a lot of personality.

Aunt Krissy said...

Way to go Kellie!

tainterturtles said...

I'm happy for you Kellie...working from home would be totally perfect!

How fun to have your mama coming to visit.

That pic of Casper should be in a photography contest!!!!