Monday, July 26, 2010

Our kind of walk

The kids and I have been taking walks almost every day.
We go about 4 miles round trip.
Caden rides his bike and Chyann rides Casper or
Cowboy while I just walk.
The kids going UP our long driveway.

A view of our house from the road.

They usually ride single file on the side of the road,
but for this picture so I could get them both in it
they spread out for a bit.

Checking the corn height and wow is it getting tall.

After the ride.
Caden has already buzzed inside for water, but Chyann
has to clean Caspers hooves and brush him down - again.

We had a nice weekend.

Got the cows moved down front so those rotten bull calves will
stay out of my garden.
Horses are back behind the barn again.
Both calves got their Cheerios put on for castration.
Dug a bunch of spuds.
And played in the pool, a lot.

Four days till my Mother and Gerry arrive.
The kids better get their rooms clean!


Aunt Krissy said...

I did not know that you were walking 4 miles a day. And in the heat! How many pounds of spuds did you did up?

Dar said...

Wow, girl, such energy to keep up to the kids on a 4 mile go! Your daughter and her horse remind me SO much of my daughter at that age. Her first horse was a white shetland, quite by auction accident and pushing my glasses up at the wrong time, bought me a horse, anyway, memories flooded back of walking with her while she rode. Great entry again. Glad you got the calves under control. Ya gotta show them who's boss of the garden, sometimes.
Have a Great Summer Week

Rising Rainbow said...

That is just so cute, those two going down the road side by side. I can just picture as they get bigger, he'll be on some kind of motor bike while she'll have moved on to a full size horse. lol

tainterturtles said...

Good for you for walking 4 miles. It's also nice that the kids come along too. Heck, you can jump into the pool after your warm walk. What could be better than that? Going back to Alaska????

Chyann sure loves Casper.