Thursday, July 15, 2010

Straight line winds? Maybe...

We sure had some big storms yesterday.
The first round of storms turned the sky black.
This picture doesn't do it justice, because it was black outside.

The first storm had some frightening thunder and lightning!

Huge booms and flashes!

The power went off 8 - 10 times, but managed to come

back on after a bit.

That was the first time I felt we needed to go to the basement

since we lived here in Wi.

Right after the Hubby came home from work

round two hit.

And yes I think we got some straight line winds.

We had some incredibly strong wind to drive the rain.

And boy did we get some rain!

This tree by the cow barn was completely uprooted

from the ground!

No kidding.

I couldn't get a good picture of the roots due to

all the rotten vines, but believe me they

were totally pulled out of the ground.

No damage to the cow barn.

The hubby decided to get out the saw and
get the tree off the fence and roof.
He said our luck it would end up falling
on a horse or one of the branches would poke an
eye out.
We've got the horses in this pen and the cows outback
right now.

The goats sure like the leaves.

Looks bare now.

My garden took some wind too.

Hopefully it'll be alright.

Water still running off 2 hours after the storm.

The ground is just saturated.

Beautiful sunset.

Ended up having another storm mini storm without the

strong winds around 9p.

Total our rain gauge said almost 2" of rain.

Glad it wasn't worse.

Hoping for a hot day to dry everything out now :)


Aunt Krissy said...

I hope it dries fast. With all that rain an dnow the sunshine I can see my grass growing!

Dar said...

What storms we had, hey? We got 3" in less than 1/2 hr. That's a lot of rain. Our driveway turned into a mini river and the creek bed has swollen beyond it's high water line. Too bad about your tree. We had a few branches in the lawn but did not get the powerful winds you had. Our power flickered on and off 4 times, so that wasn't bad. My garden doesn't look as bad as yours. It sure is muddy, tho.
Hang in there. We are in for more for sure. We always get some dandy storms through Aug.
Stay Dry and BlessYourHearts

Lisa said...

Not good for your garden. Goats love leaves. I know mine do.